6 Ways To Connect To Your Higher Self (So You Can Embrace Your Inner Wisdom)

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What is your higher self?

Your higher self is the etheric aspect of you that holds all knowledge about your lifetimes, your purpose and journey, as well as the main tasks that you have incarnated for. It is a place of deep wisdom and can help you with many things in your life. Some call it your soul, the "I am presence," and more.

How can connect with your higher self?

By deepening your skills of connecting with your mind, your can align with your higher self. You don’t abandon your physical body and your thoughts and emotions; rather, you incorporate them into a broader context and align with your deepest soul desires.

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Here are 6 ways you can get more in tune and deeply connected with your higher self:

1. Build a consistent relationship with your higher self.

First, realize that you are always connected to your higher self. What you desire is a conscious connection and relationship.

Creating space where you can let go of your day to day activities and worries can help you open the doorway to communicate with this deep well of wisdom. Meditation, chanting, yoga and floating are some practices that can help you create space and deepen your sense of connection. They help you to clear your thoughts, so you can connect with your higher mind which is a doorway to your higher self.

2. Learn how to ask questions.

Once you feel this connection, you may want to ask questions for guidance. Free will is the prime directive of our incarnation. We can ask for guidance but ultimately the choice is ours. Think about your soul’s desires and the wisdom that you seek so you can frame your questions accordingly.

Avoid asking yes / no type of questions like “Should I marry this person?” because you have free will to make your decisions. Instead, ask questions that begin with what, why and how, like “What am I trying to learn in this relationship?” These deeper questions open a dialogue.  

3. Try journaling a bit differently.

You may already have a practice of journaling, which is helpful to clear emotions and gain clarity. Proprioceptive writing is a method for exploring the psyche through writing.

Here is a simple technique that I have successfully used for many years and the directions are simple. Ask a question, put down the pen, and empty your mind. When you sense information flowing, pick up the pen with your non-dominant hand and write. This will “shift” the focus of your neural activity more toward the other side of your brain. Your dominant side is often associated with logic and reason; your non-dominant side is a source of creative, unstructured thought and intuitive information.

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4. Create a daily ritual.

Another idea is to create a ritual – use special music, reserve a special place in your home to meditate, reserve the same time every day. This habitual pattern will in essence signal that you are in a place to receive.

5. Monitor the information you receive.

Lastly - and perhaps most important - pay attention to the quality of the information you receive. Information that suggests harm, negative intentions, promotes separation (as in you are separate than others) should be questioned. It may be your ego talking and/or your own thoughts running.  

Remember that our natural birthright is love and connection; it is the essence of who we are. Do the messages that you receive support this message, or work against it?

6. Set an intention and trust.

The intention is to be as pure in your connection as possible. Align your intention for the highest positive good, ask and trust that your higher self will communicate with you.  

Be specific in setting your intention and make this part of your opening ritual.  And always close your session with gratitude for the support you received.

Over time, this discipline can pay off in many ways.

Working with your higher self will always encourage you to be the fullest and most authentic sense of who you are in this incarnation. It may take you out of your comfort zone.

Trust that when that happens — it is a signal that you are ready to make some significant shifts in your life. In critical moments of your life, can you surrender your plans and trust that there is a bigger plan waiting for you?

If you are interested in this work, it may be a sign that you are ready!

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Marijo Puleo is a somatic coach trained in energy field work who helps clients achieve emotional awareness and further their spiritual development, so they can live their lives with flow, grace, and ease. Learn more by reading her book, How To Choose An Energy Healer: What To Look For In An Energy Practitioner, or by downloading her free podcasts that are loved by two million listeners.

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