Energy Healing Tools To Add To Your Reiki Toolkit For Daily Use

To enhance the healing and experience, add these key energy healing tools to your practice.

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Everybody can channel life force energy because it's the force that gives life. And, in truth, you don't need a single tool to practice Reiki energy healing except for an attunement.

The attunement assures that you can specifically channel Reiki life force frequencies as opposed to just any old healing frequency. 

Experience helps as well because it's through experience that you develop confidence in your unique healing capabilities and style and you learn additional skills.


These skills are the most important determinant of the quality and efficacy of your healing practice

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Still, there are some energy healing tools, not unique to Reiki, that can enhance the healing experience of your Reiki treatments and sessions.

Adding any of these energy healing tools to your practice can strengthen and/or diversify the kinds of healing you encourage.

They can stimulate greater spiritual awareness and connection, enhance personal engagement and reflection, and add beauty and/or comfort.

In addition, what you choose to put in your toolkit will somewhat depend on whether you're a practitioner with clients or you focus on self-healing.


Here are 4 additional tools you can use for your Reiki energy healing practice.

1. Smudge for clearing energy

Still practiced today, smudging is an ancient method of purifying and clearing negative energy from a room, sacred space, object, or person. 

Smudge sticks, burning resin, diffused essential oils and hydrosols, and incense are all examples of smudging methods.

Clarity and openness enable energy to flow and promote healing. In fact, the more open and receptive a person is, the easier it is to make a connection with the self, others, and the divine.

Drums and rattles can be used for clearing as well.

2. Healing crystals

Natural crystals are held together by vibrational bonds and are highly energetic. Each crystal has a set of healing properties associated with its chemical composition and crystalline structure.


Selecting the right crystal for your intentions can boost the energy healing capacity of your sessions.

Consider these options for your Reiki healing sessions.

Clearing crystals: Try either selenite or quartz. Place them in the room or under the Reiki table. You can also use them to clear other healing crystals, pendulums, etc. 

Grounding crystals: Energy healing tends to create higher vibrations, which can make you or your clients a bit loopy. Use granite, petrified wood, or Shiva linga as a grounding source under the healing table or chair. 

Crystal wands (single edge): You can use any type of crystal you like, however, quartz is a great all-around option. The pointed edge focuses energy inward (adding energy) and the rounded edge draws it outward (removing energy). 


Chakra crystals: There are many crystals to choose from and the choice is ultimately personal. One suggestion is to pick crystals that address your common issues. Another good option is to select a group of crystals that correspond to the seven major chakras. Here's one possible set: red jasper, chameleon, citrine, jade, lapis lazuli, sodalite, and amethyst.

Crystals for common complaints: Select a crystal according to the healing session intention, or intuit the choice. (See my review of several crystal books for more ideas).

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3. Music

Music is often used in healing sessions as a way to create a certain mood and draw the client into the process and hold the focus. 


Like crystals, music is vibrational. Thus, it combines well with energy healing. Soft, spacious music can relax and open a person to greater healing. 

4. Oracle cards

Oracle cards are a wonderful tool to shift the mind into the meaning and language of images and metaphors.

They open the focus and help to create more interest and energy around a given intention or question to be addressed in the healing session.

Additional tools for practitioners of Reiki energy healing

Reiki practitioners working with clients will find that creating a comfortable space for the client can also support the healer, such as these 4 items:

Massage table


Knee Bolster (to support the client's low back)

Light soft (comfy) blanket

Rolling stool

Obviously, a cushioned table, bolster, and blanket make a comfortable setting for the client. The more comfortable and at ease, the greater the healing. Of course, some clients prefer or need a chair.

Generally speaking, working with a client on the table with the support of a rolling stool to negotiate access to certain areas such as the client's head and shoulders is far more comfortable than stooping and reaching.

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Patricia Bonnard, Ph.D., ACC is a certified International Coaching Federation (ICF) leadership coach and a certified Martha Beck life coach. For more information, contact her or visit her website.