The Crazy Insights Your Birth Month Reveals About You And Your Life

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Have you ever met a person and just wondered why they are the way that they are? Well, as it turns out there's a rhyme and a reason for that. The month you were born in reveals the intricate inner workings of what makes you, you.

Maybe you're the girl who's constantly overwhelmed with emotions and has no way to express them, or maybe you tend to be a bit of a lone wolf and you're happy with that because you're totally content being on your own.

It's amazing how specially designed each person really is. What makes you tick, what gets you excited or aroused, what gives you a genuine zest for life — these are things that are personal to you.

People are unique and interesting in their own ways, yet eerily similar at times.

No two people are precisely the same, but there's always something that everyone has in common with one another. It could be the way you present yourself, how dominant you are in a large group setting, the way you show your love and affection to the ones you care about (or not at all), or any number of traits that make up who you are.

Your birth month is not the end all be all of your personality, of course. Everyone has their differences based on life experiences, relationships, and upbringing. But hey, the stars don't lie.

Taking a moment to dive into the inner workings of your life based on your birth month could lead you to discover things about yourself you never even knew were there. Or maybe you always knew it was there, but never paid much mind to it.

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What the universe has to say about who you are is scarily accurate.

Here's what your birth month says about you and your life.


People born in January are hard workers with strong opinions and you're not afraid to let people know what you think. They tend to be stubborn and don't enjoy being managed. They tend to be good leaders, given their persistent drive to succeed. They have trouble listening to directions.


People born in February are the creative, imaginative types. They enjoy dedicating themselves to big projects and love deep, philosophical conversations. Shallow people are boring and annoying to them. They're called free-spirited by those close to them and the whole world is an adventure just waiting for them to take it.


People born in March are imaginative but, unlike February babies, tend to be more introverted and quiet. They live in their own heads and create mental masterpieces, so to speak. They are the most gentle and thoughtful people. They crave peace.


People born in April are attention seekers. They love being in the limelight. They don't enjoy taking orders from others, which is counter to their otherwise strong desire to be famous. They want new adventures and are constantly seeking an adrenaline rush. They can come off as loud and obnoxious.


People born in May tend to be a bit more wishy-washy and fickle, often changing their minds abruptly and frequently. They're expressive and enjoy meeting new people. They like to have a vibrant social life and dislike being alone. They bore easily.


People born in June are the world-savers. They're sensitive and caring and just want what's best for the world. They tend to be creative and think far in the future. They're constantly searching for how to bring their ideas to life. As sensitive as they are, they tend to have trouble expressing how they feel.


People born in July are almost exactly like people born in June, but they tend to be even more extroverted. They're confident, happy people, yet they have a much more serious nature about them just beneath the surface. Like June, they hide away their fears and feelings.

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People born in August are the people who take charge and lead the world. They're sometimes opinionated to a fault and the ultimate delegators. They often overthink things and do well in fields that involve critical thinking. They don't often show their human side.


People born in September have sometimes unrealistically high expectations of the people around them. They can come off as mean and stubborn and, if you end up on their bad side, they'll never let you live it down. Their high ideals often lead to disappointment.


People born in October are the opposite of the season they're born in. While the weather is changing and things are either dying off or coming back to life (depending on your hemisphere), October babies like things to be solid and stable. They don't like confrontation and hate change.


People born in November are the most enigmatic of the bunch. They hide their feelings, but they don't have too many fears. It leads to an interesting combination. Life doesn't stop them. They have a strong passion for life.


People born in December are the most generous, but they tend to be prideful and forceful with their beliefs. They work hard and can't sit still for very long. Their friends call them feisty for their free-spirited attitude.

Now that you know what your birth month says about you, you can better understand yourself.

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