120 Texting Abbreviations & Acronyms To Understand Internet Slang

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The only reason I know that I'm still culturally relevant at my age is the fact that I mainly know all of the texting abbreviations and Internet acronyms people use on Reddit, through texting, and across social media.

Sure, anyone with an internet connection can open a site up and snoop around as much as they want, but it takes a hip and socially "with it" person to actually navigate the oddly nerdy/geeky terrain, and interact with the people who spend their time there.

The regulars have their own little world going on, and if you want to become a part of that world so you don't feel totally strange when you ask a question or comment on a thread, it's important to learn how to speak their native language.

Sure, you may already know what TTYL (talk to you later) and BRB (be right back) means, but those two probably won't help you very much now. Like, even a little. Or at all, even.

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What are texting abbreviations and why do people use them?

Texting abbreviations are shortened versions of a word or phrase. While they often appear to be misspellings, especially if your phone's autocorrect doesn't fully understand your texting vocabulary, they are an important part of modern communication.

Because of character limits in texts or especially in tweets, people often use abbreviations or acronyms to get their point across. Simply, these acronyms and abbreviations are meant to save time.

But now, they aren't just used between a group of people in a chat; abbreviations are part of our daily lives. People in marketing will tell you how essential texting etiquette is to staying with the times.

So, whether you're on Reddit or the internet, trying to communicate with the younger generation, or just want to feel like you understand today's bite-sized way of chatting, there are commonly used acronyms and abbreviations used for text slang.

Keep this glossary handy the next time you go check out that forum to end all forums, and you'll be able to fit right in (or at least understand what's going on) the first time you decide to join in yourself.

120 Texting Abbreviations & Acronyms


Fixed That For You

While this may sound like a nice thing to have done for someone, FTFY is typically used for comedic or sarcastic effect to point out something you could have done, said, written, photo-shopped better, or opined about better.

2. QFT

Quoted For Truth

This one has nothing to do with someone actually quoting an accurate source. People usually whip out "QFT" when they share something from someone else whom they happen to agree with.


I Am Not A Lawyer

This one is the equivalent of people answering a question about your health by saying, "I'm not a doctor, but I'd get that checked out," only in the case of legal matters.


If I Recall Correctly

This one is used exactly the way you would expect it to be — i.e., when you want to share something but your memory about it is a bit shaky. As an example: "IIRC, she was the first person to ever say the phrase, 'Blast my cache when I die.'"

5. TL;DR

Too Long; Didn't Read

The internet is a place where brevity is valued above all other things. You can write a beautiful 400-word Facebook status, but if you do, most people will probably look at it and think to themselves. TL;DR.

6. AMA

Ask Me Anything

This one was born and bred on Reddit! Typically, people with interesting stories to tell — such as celebrities and people with unusual experiences and/or afflictions — post in subreddit as an invitation to join them for a candid conversation.


As Far As I Know

This one is popular as a quick way to share information with the caveat — i.e., "Look, this is all the information I have on this particular subject and I can't vouch for it, but I can sure dish with them best of 'em on the Internet, and it's only AFAIK, so no one can hold me to it."


Die In A Fire

Basically, this is just a mean thing some people say to other people on the internet when, you know, they want them to die in a fire. Of course, it isn't directed at people exclusively.

9. BAE

Before Everyone Else

When someone refers to their significant other or their crush as bae, they're talking about something else entirely. When someone writes something like, "I was into thrash metal, BAE," they want you to know they are the kind of special and unique individual who discovers things before they become cool.

10. IRL

In Real Life

In this day and age, we spend so much time online staring at our phones or computer screens that people came up with an acronym for reality. People use it when they arrange to get together, or when discussing something that happened while they were offline.

11. IKR

I Know, Right?

This one is a personal favorite because I utter these words roughly eighty times per day at a minimum. When you reply to a post with "IKR," you're making a statement of emphatic agreement with the poster's point of view.

12. MFW

My Face When

This one usually accompanies a GIF and is used to describe your reaction to something. For instance, if I were to post a picture of a woman looking over a pair of sunglasses and grinning, I would write, "MFW I pass gas right before exiting an elevator."

13. OOTD

Outfit Of The Day

This one is often used by fashion bloggers on Instagram, although it also appears throughout the internet. People mainly use it as a hashtag when sharing a photograph of their chosen wardrobe for the day.

14. SRS


This one means "serious" and it's a stretch, right? It's used in the way you would use the word "serious," usually paired with the words "are you?"

15. TIL

Today I Learned

You'll also find this one on other sites or apps where people post links to articles they find informative.

16. WIP

Work In Progress

You may even see this one somewhere like on your mom's refrigerator — that's just how ubiquitous it has become. It's often used when people are sharing something that's a work in progress... like themselves.

17. TIFU

Today I F**ked Up

This is actually a huge subreddit. It's a place where people share stories about all of the different ways that they mess things up for themselves, and it's just as hilarious as you might expect it to be.

18. TYBG

Thank You BasedGod​

This one is in homage to Bay Area rapper, Lil B The BasedGod. Based is the word he uses to describe the genre of his work. Find $20 on the street? Say TYBG, even if you've literally never even listened to one of his tracks or mixed tapes.

19. TFW

That Feel When

People will post "TFW" and then follow it up with a GIF or a statement they find to be highly relatable. For example, "TFW you wake up feeling well rested and eager to start the day, only to realize it's already noon and you will probably be fired."

20. DAE

Does Anybody Else...?

This is usually followed by a question that the poster hopes someone else with a similar interest, feeling, or taste in canned can help them out with.

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21. OOMF

One Of My Friends/Followers

This is an abbreviation used to describe a person you're Internet friends with or who follows you on your social media accounts. You don't call each other every night, or probably ever, but you do keep tabs on each other on social media.

22. DM

Direct Message

You've definitely heard people say, "Slide into my DMs." And now, you no longer have to wonder exactly what a DM is.

23. RT

Retweet or Real Talk

Popular on Twitter, RT means to "retweet" something. But outside of the social media platform, Real Talk describes a situation where you're being honest with someone, no matter the topic.

24. IMHO

In My Humble Opinion

Whether your opinion is warranted is irrelevant. While it's used to express a viewpoint on a variety of topics, IMHO can also have suggestive connotations, particularly when trying to seduce someone.

25. NSFW

Not Safe For Work

With a boss looking over your shoulder or nosy co-workers in your space, this is used as a warning for subject matter that's sexual in nature, contains nudity, or has curses. You've been warned!

26. OP

Original Poster

Used in forums, "OP" refers to the person who made the post that started the thread. People refer to this person as the "OP," or Original Poster.

27. NOYB

None Of Your Business

Great for using on nosy friends and family, whip out this acronym when you just don't feel like revealing anything. They don't really need to know, anyway.


If You Know, You Know

Whether it's an inside joke, a raging party only a select few people went to, or a delicious food, use this as a shout-out to those people who do know what you're talking about.

29. OMW

On My Way

We all know people send "OMW" in a text message when they haven't actually left the house yet. For those people, be sure to add 10-20 minutes to that time frame.

30. ITT

In This Thread

Another term used on message boards or on threads, people add this acronym in the first post on a thread. Simple enough.

31. YSK

You Should Know

Great for using when people either feign ignorance, or genuinely don't know information about the obvious. "Really, Debra? YSK what I'm talking about!"

32. PAW

Parents Are Watching

Teenagers and pre-teens will type this acronym out to their friends, whether through texting or messaging on the computer, when a parent is nearby. Basically, it's a warning to not send anything compromising.

33. JK

Just Kidding

This is a great way to insult someone, and follow it up quickly using "JK." As in, "Wow you're such a loser! JK, love you."

34. ILY

I Love You

Want to let your friend or significant other know how you feel via text message? A simple "ILY" will do.

35. IMU

I Miss You

Another term of endearment, add this when texting a friend you haven't seen in quite some time.

36. IDC

I Don’t Care

Sick of the conversation or are frustrated that you aren't getting your way? Or, don't really have an opinion about where your friend wants to go for dinner? Just use "IDC" and that's that.

37. WYWH

Wish You Were Here

If you're bored or lonely, "WYWH" is a good way to let your friends know that you want them with you. It's also a great Pink Floyd album...

38. TIME

Tears In My Eyes

Whether it's laughing or crying, when you're welling up, make sure you let your text message indicate your emotional reaction.

39. CSL

Can’t Stop Laughing

There are just some hilarious jokes or memes out there that set in motion undying laughter! Use this when someone sends you something funny, or vice versa.

40. TBH

To Be Honest

"TBH" is great to use as a preface to something you're going to say, usually offering an opinion or truth of some kind. And it's not always in a positive way.

41. FTW

For The Win

Online gamers and message board dwellers swear by this acronym. Use "FTW" as a genuine or sarcastic response to a comment, thread, or even text message.

42. OMDB

Over My Dead Body

When there's a situation you refuse to answer, or even a hypothetical situation, "OMDB" expresses your distaste and utter refusal.

43. SMH

Shaking My Head

"SMH" is used to express disapproval, exasperation, or frustration. Use it anytime someone says or does something you sure as heck don't approve of.


As A Matter Of Fact

Use this term when you want to be fresh, or just a little bit rude. As in, "AAMOF, I've seen that movie 10 times and you're wrong."

45. FWIW

For What It’s Worth

Trying to make someone feel better is all the more easy with this acronym. Well, that's one type of consolation.

46. SOML

Story Of My Life

See a meme or comment you can relate to? Express to the person that you totally understand what they mean, because your life is the same way.

47. JSYK

Just So You Know

"JSYK" is essentially an updated "FYI." Use it when you want to be rude or polite, or genuinely tell someone a fact.

48. DWH

During Work Hours

While this isn't primarily found on message boards or even through text messages, "DWH" can be used in emails to coworkers or when explaining your daily schedule.

49. SFW

Safe For Work

Unlike "NSFW," this acronym indicates that the subject matter isn't salacious in any way, and can be viewed with anyone around.

50. NBD

No Big Deal

"NBD" is wonderful as a humblebrag, even though the situation probably was a big deal. As in, "I just ran 10 miles, NBD."

51. OC

Original Content

When you create a meme or a song that's completely original to you, you've created "OC" — original content.


In Case You Missed It

You can either be sweet or a complete jerk when using this acronym. But usually, people add it to the conversation when presenting information that others may not already know.

53. JLMK

Just Let Me Know

Similar to "LMK," this acronym is used when you want an actual response for someone. Because you need a headcount to make dinner reservations, right?


If You Know What I Mean

Great for double entendres, this acronym can essentially replace the winking emoji face. Or, it can be used in a text message for literally any other instance.

55. OIC

Oh, I See

Text "OIC" when you genuinely understand what the other person is saying. The acronym is also verbally the same as it would be spelled out.

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56. NAGI

Not A Good Idea

When your friend wants you to party late on a work night or is threatening to text that boy who causes her nothing but heartache, it's most definitely not a good idea.

57. RBTL

Read Between The Lines

If someone needs an extra hint to understand the art of subtlety, tell them to "RBTL." This is to help someone detect what cannot be written explicitly or made obvious. Get the hint?

58. DIY

Do It Yourself

This acronym can refer to a fun at-home project or be used as a not-so-subtle jab at someone lazy and demanding. Did your siblings text you to finish their chores before mom comes home and gets mad at them? Hit them with the "DIY" text.

59. TIA

Thanks In Advance

Before you get sent a DIY text, you might want to include "TIA" if you're asking for a favor. It's always better to be polite.

60. BUMP

Bring Up My Post

This is helpful on message boards where someone is asking a question or looking for information. If you answer the question but it gets lost in a slew of other less helpful responses, "BUMP" literally and figuratively bumps your post back to the top of the responses or into recent notifications.

61. BRB

Be Right Back

Too preoccupied to keep up with the group chat? Fled from the office without telling anyone but now have 8 missed calls and messages from your boss? BRB covers it all. It's a great way to let someone know you'll be off the grid for a bit without having to give any details about where you're going or for how long.

62. RUOK

Are You OK?

The quick, albeit insincere way of finding out how someone is doing. Usually responded to with an "I'm OK."

63. GFN

Gone For Now

Like "BRB," "GFN" gives just the right response without giving away your whereabouts or what you're doing. It's slightly more final but still has an air of mystery to keep people guessing.


Don’t Bother Me, I’m Busy

When you're in panic mode trying to finish projects before their deadlines, someone will no doubt hit you with a text asking for a favor. "DBMIB" is one sure way to keep people off your back and keep your workflow, well... flowing.

65. CYT

See You Tomorrow

Use this one to silence any chats that you're likely to keep getting notifications from when you're going to bed. Your school and work friends really don't need an hourly update of your evening when you're going to spend the next day with them anyway.

66. FOMO

Fear Of Missing Out

That feeling when the only thing worse than leaving the couch and changing out of sweats and slippers is the thought of seeing all your friends on social media, dressed to the nines, knocking back cocktails. You know you want a night in, but you don't want to miss all the funny stories and embarrassing moments from the night out.

67. STBY

Sucks To Be You

"STBY" is what your friends are likely to say to you when you ignore FOMO, stay in, but end up missing the best night ever.

68. SRY


Paradoxically this is probably the least sincere or regretful message you can send someone to show remorse. Perfect when you're dealing with a jealous ex who you just can't seem to shake.

69. WTF

What The F***

In just three letters, you can cover a lot of emotions. Dismay, horror, anger, frustration, confusion — you name it.

70. BFF

Best Friends Forever

If you have a friend that has your back through everything, make it official with a "BFF" contact name and some cutesie "BFF" friendship necklaces.

71. CYA

Cover Your A**

In other words, blame someone or something else when you mess up, or have a back-up plan when things go wrong. Lying to your mom about where you're going tonight? Have a friend call her to tell her you're staying at theirs, just in case she gets suspicious.

72. QQ


Though this looks like a set of crying eyes, this term actually originates from World of Warcraft where Alt+QQ is a shortcut to quit the game when things are failing. QQ is the kind of cry you have when things just won't go your way and you pack it all in to go cry on your bedroom floor.

73. PLS


Usually used by someone asking for something from you with the minimum amount of politeness possible.

74. OTP

On The Phone

When you're deep in an overdue phone call with a family member you haven't spoken to in ages and another, non-urgent call comes in from someone tell them "Can't talk now, OTP."

75. DKDC

Don’t Know, Don’t Care

When you're out having a good time with your friends and your sister texts you to ask if you've seen her favorite shirt that you stole from her closet an hour ago without asking, a simple "DKDC" should shut her up and buy you some time to delete the photos you took in it and return it to her.


Love You Like A Sister

This one can go one of two ways. It's either a great way to compliment a bestie who's there for you through it all, or a terrible way to let down a girl who has a crush on you. Take your pick.

77. LOL

Laugh Out Loud

An exclamation after something hilarious happens. Not to be confused with "lots of love." If your friend texts you to say their pet died, this is not the response to use.

78. BYOB

Bring Your Own Beer

Use this when you're inviting people over for a party but don't want any confusion about who is providing the alcohol. "Wanna come over Saturday for a party? It's BYOB and starts at 8."

79. HMU

Hit Me Up

A simple, casual way to say, "Call/text me sometime?"

80. TBD

To Be Determined

This is commonly used in business but is also great for arranging loose, unconfirmed plans. As in, "We're going to go to a bar on Friday night if you want to join? Location: TBD."

81. YW

You’re Welcome

An equally brief, barely polite response to anyone who asks you to do something by saying "Pls."

82. TTYL

Talk To You Later

A cute alternative way of saying goodbye that rolls effortlessly off the tongue. "I'm going to bed now, TTYL," for example.

83. EOD

End Of Day

A prompt to send your coworkers to get them to wrap up their work for the day and get ready for post-work drinks. Not to be confused with the EOD bomb disposal unit, though it can be equally as explosive.


Let Me Google That For You

You could use this sincerely as a response to someone asking you a question but really what you're saying is, "Why are you wasting my time with this question when you could have easily Googled the answer for yourself?"

85. MCM

Man Crush Monday

This is a popular hashtag on Instagram for people to show off the men they are lusting after on, but not limited to, Mondays.

86. WCW

Women Crush Wednesday

Why should the boys get all the attention? Hump day blues can be cured by showing your WCW some love.

87. OFC

Of Course

A term used to show agreement or compliance. "Can I stay at your place later?" "Ofc you can!"

88. XOXO

Hugs and Kisses

This acronym has been around for quite some time, with X symbolizing a kiss, and O symbolizing a hug. Use it at the end of your text message to express your adoration.

89. YOLO

You Only Live Once

While this term is very overused nowadays, its sentiment remains the same. Take that risk or chance, scream "YOLO!" and then probably suffer the consequences. Or, you know, don't do something so stupid in the first place.

90. 2H2H

Too Hot To Handle

Describing a really attractive man or woman to your friend? That hottie is simply "2H2H," but that doesn't mean you should stay away, right?

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91. ATM

At The Moment

Used in emails, text messages, and threads, "ATM" isn't the machine where you get your money. It's actually just a way to express your current circumstances. For instance, "Sorry, can't talk ATM, I'm busy."

92. BFN

By For Now

You can also use "B4N" as a way to say "see you later" to another person. As in, "BFN, see you at Brandon's party."

93. FYEO

For Your Eyes Only

If it's information or photos you're sending, be sure to add "FYEO" if it's meant to never be shared with anyone.

94. CMB

Call Me Back

Missed a call from your friend? They may leave a message, but can also text you "CMB" to indicate that you return their call.

95. NP

No Problem

When you've done a favor for someone or fulfilled a request, where it was truly not a problem, "NP" lets them know you went through no trouble at all to help.

96. GMTA

Great Minds Think Alike

If you and your friend have the same idea, "GMTA" is a good way to mirror their sentiment. It's just an acronym for this common phrase.

97. FWB

Friends With Benefits

"FWB" means you have a casual relationship with someone that's all physical and doesn't include the actual components of a relationship. Essentially, it's a no-strings-attached hook-up.

98. MGMT


MGMT is also a psychedelic/electronic band, but the acronym is frequently used in academic writing. Or, you know, when people are too lazy to spell the whole word out.

99. L8R


If you're done with the conversation over text, just use "L8R" to indicate that you will be in touch, just... later.

100. HBU

How 'Bout You

When someone asks you how you are doing, you reply, "Good, HBU?" Because nobody actually cares about your response with small talk like this.

101. KK


So many people use KK to respond to text messages, rather than a simple OK. Well, it's better than just using "K." right?

102. ISO

In Search Of

Use this term when you're genuinely in search of something: a recommendation, a piece of furniture, the best restaurant in town, and so on.

103. ORLY

Oh, Really?

Usually found in internet memes and sarcastic replies, people use this all over social media and Reddit. Now you can use it to respond to someone who has given information that's relatively obvious, and they can reply, "Ya RLY!"

104. RL

Real Life

Because the internet and text messaging isn't real life. But RL can also be used for the actual game, Real Life, a free MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game).

105. W/E


Oh, you want to get an attitude? Channel your inner angsty teen and use this acronym for every situation in life.

106. CMIIM

Correct Me If I’m Wrong

Used sarcastically, because you won't be wrong. But if it's a subject matter you aren't too well versed in, this is a great way to cover yourself, just in case.

107. DTS

Don’t Think So

While this can be confused for other acronyms that mean "Down To Smoke" or "Down To Snuggle," this is a great reply when someone brings up an idea that you know won't work.

108. THX


If you're too lazy to spell out the full word "thanks," settle for this abbreviation. It means the same thing, but it's just... shorter. Less characters for your tweets and texts to Android phones, right?

109. LMK

Let Me Know

Use when making plans over text, send this to all your friends who seem to have trouble confirming. Because we all have that one flaky friend who won't tell you until the very last second that they can't make it.

110. NVM


Sent a text? Friend or significant other hasn't responded? So irritated that you don't even care what you were talking about anymore? "NVM."

111. BTW

By The Way

Another way of saying, "While we're on that subject..." BTW is frequently used to essentially one-up a person. So, instead of politely adding something to a conversation, you could say, "BTW, you're rude to think that."

112. TYVM

Thank You Very Much

No, this isn't used as a general thank you; rather, it's used in a sarcastic manner. "No, I don't quite care for his crappy music, TYVM."

113. OOO

Out Of Office

Great for putting in an automated reply, or when you just don't feel like dealing with all your emails. All you need to say is, "Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I was OOO!"

114. FFS

For F***'s Sake

When you're frustrated, tired or angry (or sometimes, all three together), there's no better way to express your feelings of annoyance than using FFS.

115. HBD

Happy Birthday

Because why waste all that space when you can just abbreviate a simple well wish?

116. ROFL

Rolling On the Floor Laughing

Most people send this as a response to a funny meme or conversation, even if they aren't literally rolling on the floor.

117. LMAO

Laughing My A** Off

Similar to ROFL, LMAO is a great response for something your friend said that made you chuckle a bit. Everyone will know that you didn't literally laugh so hard your butt fell off.

118. TGIF

Thank God It's Friday

Whether it's to your coworkers or friends, TGIF lets you breathe a sign of relief when the weekend is just out of reach.

119. S2G

Swear To God

Often used when being accused of lying, "S2G" is essentially a promise that you are not guilty of whatever you've been accused of.

120. HIFW

How I Feel When

This acronym is typically paired with a GIF or image of some kind, for when using words just isn't enough.

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