What Does FTFY Mean? The Slang Meaning & How To Use It

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What Does FTFY Mean? And How To Use It
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Few things amaze me more than the development and proliferation of internet slang. Just when we think we have all the abbreviations and phrases we need for a lifetime of quick replies and witty exclamations, another one appears.

Sometimes it feels like millions of people woke up one day and decided to latch on to a new phrase that never existed before that moment. 

Acronyms from LOL to BRB have become commonplace in text conversations and even slip into real life. We’ve become so accepting of these abbreviations that we don’t even need to question their meaning anymore!

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But navigating the internet is never easy when new slang appears on every blog post and comments section.

If the acronym FTFY has left you staring blankly at a work email, then keep reading to be officially unstumped

What does FTFY mean? 

FTFY stands for “fix that for you,” so it’s no surprise that it frequently appears in your company’s IM (that’s “instant messenger” to you slang newbies).

For some, FTFY is a sarcastic response to spelling errors and grammatical mishaps. Ironic as it is to use a slang abbreviation when poking fun at someone’s slender grasp on grammar, lots of people view FTFY as an insult. 

It’s not all bad, though. FTFY could also be a quick way of letting your coworkers know that you’ve completed a task or rectified an issue without having to take on the laborious burden of actually typing out 4 whole words. It’s the 21st Century, guys — proper grammar is out, and speed and efficiency are in.

But given that this term is widely accepted as sarcasm, make sure your coworkers know you’re not trying to come across rude or patronizing when you hit them with an FTFY message. It might be safer just to use your words!

What is the origin of FTFY?

Unfortunately for office etiquette and employee relations, FTFY has an origin on Reddit boards and in Twitter fights.

Keyboard warriors and internet critics hijacked this term as a way of mocking the grammar, opinions, or work of others by passing judgment, suggesting edits, and signing off with "FTFY."

It’s often used to denote that someone has made a mistake so obvious or ridiculous that someone else had to jump in and fix it.

Like many other things, FTFY is a term ruined by the harshness of the internet. People love to throw in this phrase to win an argument.

How do you use FTFY?

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So, how do we put FTFY in a sentence?

My knee-jerk reaction is to say “don’t,” but provided we’re not being too harsh towards others, this sardonic response can actually be quite funny. Besides, we all have to learn to take a joke sometimes.


Here are some examples of ways someone might use FTFY:  

1. In case you needed a second look.

“Hey, did you get a chance to look at that document I sent you?”

“Yes, it was full of errors. FTFY.”

2. Don't sugarcoat it.

“We should go out tonight, party, and be carefree!”

“You mean we should go out tonight, make terrible life choices and regret it later. FTFY.”

3. FFTY, but make it political.

“Donald Trump reduced unemployment rates more than Obama did in his term.”

“Because of what Obama did in his term, unemployment rates were reduced in Trump’s term. FTFY.”

4. Second time's the charm.

“Hey, that file you sent me won’t load.”

“Oops, sorry. I’ll FTFY and send it again.”

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