What Does Yeet Mean? A Simple Guide To The Slang Internet Term Everyone's Using

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What Does Yeet Mean? Slang Meaning & Definition
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Today I want to talk about one particular internet-based word and how you can use it without sounding bananas. The word is "yeet."

But what is the yeet meaning, and are you using it correctly?

First, it's important that I tell you how much I love the internet. I love it.

I can vividly recall the first time I popped an AOL CD-ROM into my dad's old PC and the electric thrill of the dial-up sound made by the family modem. Thankfully, while modems and CD-ROMS are things of the past, my passion for the internet has not faded.

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One of the reasons I keep coming back for more is because as I continue to age (why, God?!), the internet is the place that keeps me in touch with all that is hip and cool, and also lame and nerdy.

That's right — look out kids, I could be wandering your favorite internet enclaves trying to seem hip and young even as we speak.

But for all its splendor, the internet isn't just fun, it can also be overwhelming, particularly when it comes to stuff like trying to figure out different words and phrases, their history, and how to use them without sounding like an idiot (memories of my boss once saying "this pizza is on fleek" come to mind).

What does yeet mean?

If you've been on the computer or you have kids, then chances are you've already heard it.

But that said, do you know what it means, where it came from and how to use it correctly in a sentence? Fret not: I got you, boo. 

It all started way, way back in 2014 when the popular video-uploading app Vine started featuring these videos known as "yeet dances." The slick dance move was characterized by a maneuver that makes it look like you're shooting a basketball into a hoop.

Okay, cool, so why is it not a thing that kids seem to scream and hashtag when they are excited?

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That's because a user known as Lil' Meatball uploaded his own Yeet video in February of the same year, and something about the kid and his moves translated into instant internet fame. That's right: Lil' Meatball went viral

So, to sum up, the "Yeet Dance" was something just a few people were trying out on Vine... until Lil' Meatball and all his awkward glory came onto the scene and made #yeet the new Carlton dance.

After his video went viral, all yeet videos were basically impressions of the kid or people trying to up the yeet ante.

Because it was such a major movement on the web for a while, kids started to pick up the word and use it when they are amped about something, but mostly when they are amped about someone scoring during a basketball game. 

Now, the way yeet is most commonly used is as an exclamation after throwing something — and not just a basketball, a long distance, usually as a prank. 

Isn't it strange how things evolve?

And now, because I'm nothing if not a kind evil internet overlord of web slang, here are some of my favorite yeet videos to help educate you on the dance craze that stormed the nation back in the halcyon days of 2014.

1. The OG...

This dance set the internet on fire, and, as they say, the rest is history. Just look at that impeccable timing.

2. Sorry, Simba...

Would any viral slang or sensation be complete without a Disney remix?

3. Go long...

Seriously, can I send you my mixtape?

4. Yeet party...

Now this is how you get the party going!

5. Sorry, soda...

Hey, when it's not your favorite flavor, you don't just drink it, right?

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