Child's Birthday Cake Cost 75 Million Dollars

A truly over-the-top birthday creation.

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Remember those Australian parents who threw their 3-year-old a $39,000 birthday party? Turns out they're not the craziest party-throwers in the history of party-throwing.

Their birthday cake cannot compare to a birthday/engagement cake a family commissioned for their daughter.

In fact, they commissioned the British designer Debbie Wingham to create and design what's now deemed the most expensive cake ever made. If that's how much they spent on the cake, imagine how much their wedding is going to be. Is it too late for me to score an invite? Or at least a slice of wedding cake?


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Before we get to the nitty-gritty details, you may be wondering exactly how much does this cake cost?


No, those extra zeroes aren't typos. This family actually spent 75 million dollars on a birthday cake — and here's why.


Allegedly, the cake took 1,100 hours to make, is 6 feet long, and is designed to look like a runway, featuring Wingham's designs. But what made the cake ridiculously expensive isn't the size or the designer’s service fee.

No, it's the ridiculous amount of gems in the cake. Gems that you can't even eat. What's the point of having a pretty cake if you can't eat what makes it so pretty?

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It’s these:

  • A 5.2-carat pink diamond
  • A 6.4-carat yellow diamond
  • Fifteen 5-carat white diamonds
  • Four thousand small diamonds, amethysts, and emeralds
  • Plus, the runway was made out of four hundred 1-carat, seventy-three 3-carat white diamonds, and seventy-five 3-carat black diamonds.

Basically, it's probably made mostly of diamonds and precious stones than actual cake.


This is truly something only a very, very wealthy person would do — or maybe a Kardashian

Check it out below. Do you think they got their money's worth?

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Plus, check out some of her other creations — a Big Ben clocktower cake, a rocket ship, a peacock-topped colorful confection, a stiletto cake, and more — there's a reason Wingham is known as the 'Countess of Confection' on Instagram.


She deserves a nobility title with a talent like that. 

If you had this kind of money, would you spend that much on a birthday cake for your kid  or would you use it for something more practical?

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