Bride Shares Her 'Aggressive' Wedding Rules: No Kids, No Phones, No Shots For Groomsmen & The Groom Must Cry

She's facing accusations of being a bridezilla, but are they warranted?

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A bride has caught a bit of criticism after sharing the extensive list of rules that she has in place for her upcoming wedding.

In a TikTok video, a content creator named Quincy Philbin shared that she is planning on walking down the aisle in 2024, and both she and her fiancé, Dylan Jordan, have come up with a list of rules for their wedding guests.

Philbin revealed her list of 'aggressive' wedding rules, including no phones and no children.

In Philbin's video, she shared all of the rules that she has for her wedding, and first and foremost she doesn't want any young children in attendance.


"No babies or kids. I don't want a baby crying when I'm giving my vows. I do not want a kid making a dance circle and then everyone has to entertain the kid and he's just not doing anything special but we have to act like it's exciting," she explained.

In a follow-up video of her explaining her rules in-depth, Philbin clarified that she loves children and can't wait to have some of her own, but she just wants everyone to be able to relax at her wedding instead of stressing out about their children. 



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For the second rule, Philbin isn't allowing any of the groomsmen to drink hard alcohol or do shots at her wedding. She claimed that she didn't want to deal with anyone being too drunk to function or throwing up on her special day.

While there will be alcohol available for all of the other wedding guests, Philbin would prefer if anyone involved directly in the wedding party to limit how much alcohol they are consuming.

The third rule: Philbin wants her groom to cry when she walks down the aisle. "If my groom is up there [smiling], I'm kicking your shins. You're gonna cry, you're gonna tear up."

For the fourth rule, Philbin is adamant about guests not using their phones to take photos or videos. "I've spent a lot of money on our photographer and videographers, trust me," Philbin explained. "We're gonna get the photos. I don't want your phones in my professional photos. I also don't want to hear your phone ringing. Silence your cell phone."


bride reveals her list of aggressive wedding rules for her guestsPhoto: KEREM KSLR / Pexels

For the fifth and sixth rules, most people agreed with Philbin's opinion that her guests not bring random plus ones that haven't been approved beforehand, and no one shoves cake into her face.

"Unless you're married, you're in a long-term relationship, or you're my uncle who is coming solo and he wants to bring a date, I see that," Philbin said. "No shoving cake in my face. My makeup was expensive. I wanna look nice in my photos and I don't wanna break out and have acne because you shoved cake in my face."


On her wedding day,  Philbin doesn't want any of the guests to disturb her peace.

"Do not complain to me. Just let me have a day where I'm having fun. I'm enjoying it, I don't wanna be worried," she remarked.

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For the next rule, Philbin wants her bridesmaids and close friends to have a shared photo album. She explained that she would prefer that if anyone were to take photos on their personal phones during the ceremony, not share them until after the wedding day.

"I want all your photos at the reception, the dancing cocktail hour, whatever it is, I wanna see it. I want you to make a shared album the next day, I want everyone to put their photos in," she said.


For the last two rules, Philbin wants all her wedding guests to adhere to the dress code and make sure they RSVP on time.

"We have a wedding website, we have a wedding Instagram. We have a Pinterest board of wedding outfit inspiration. Do not come in your jeans, your flip-flops, your Hawaiian shirts," she continued, adding, "If you don't RSVP, you will not have a seat, you will not have a place to go. I will not have a meal for you, I would love to have you there, I just need to know."

Similarly, Philbin encouraged her wedding guests to RSVP even if they won't be going, so she can know how many meals and placemats to take away so that nothing goes to waste.

She informed viewers how she would be letting her wedding guests know about all of the rules.

After receiving comments about how she and her fiancé are planning on presenting these rules to their guests, Philbin showed the wedding website that was put together for the ceremony, which includes a section for any questions that guests may have.




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"There's a Q&A section. This is basically where you just include frequently asked questions just to avoid unnecessary confusion," she said. Some of the questions and answers include what time guests should be arriving, the dress code, and even examples of what is appropriate attire for the wedding.

While there were a plethora of comments accusing Philbin of trying to have a "boring" wedding because of her extensive list, at the end of the day, all of the rules in place are simply meant to create a peaceful and well-organized moment for both her and her fiancé.


A bride has one day to have a special celebration with all of her family and friends, there's nothing wrong with her wanting a day without disruptions or distractions, especially with how much money is put into weddings.

bride reveals her list of aggressive wedding rules for her guestsPhoto: KEREM KSLR / Pexels

Weddings can be both joyous and stressful occasions, and the rules are a way for the bride to manage potential stressors and create an atmosphere where she and her guests can fully enjoy the celebration.


Each couple will have their own set of expectations for their special day, and it's important to both respect and adhere to their choices as they embark on this new and exciting chapter of their lives.

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