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People Concerned For New Wife After Husband’s 'Red Flag' Reaction To Cutting His Own Wedding Cake

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Man cutting wedding cake on TikTok

A viral video has drawn ire from people concerned about the new wife pictured in the clip. What should have been one of her happiest moments quickly turned into embarrassment and maybe some realization of who she was actually marrying — at least, that’s what people hoped.

It was during the cutting of their wedding cake that her new husband exposed what people are calling "red flags," leading thousands of people to beg her to get an annulment.

The new wife’s husband purposely destroyed their wedding cake with joy on his face — until he noticed the crowd's disappointment.

The video begins with the newlyweds standing behind their wedding cake as both of their hands hold onto the knife in order to cut the first slice — a classic wedding tradition. The husband, however, took it upon himself to ruin this tradition by going a little over the top.

After the crowd finishes their countdown, the newlyweds try to make a cut in the cake. The cake puts up some resistance to the knife, however, and after getting through one layer, the husband decides to take matters into his own hands (literally) and destroys the cake.



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Screams from the crowd erupt, and while some people laugh, others are clearly disappointed seeing as the husband has almost entirely destroyed the cake. Noting the disappointment from the crowd, or maybe the realization that he ruined the cake finally settling in, the husband’s expression goes from one of joy to some mixture of disappointment and embarrassment.

The new wife steps in to take the massive knife away from her husband, but the damage had already been done. We can tell that she’s saying something to him, but it’s unclear what exactly is being said.

What follows are a few uncomfortable moments as everyone looks on at the destruction caused by the new husband. He looks down at the cake, refusing to look up at anyone. The newlywed couple both seem embarrassed by the situation until finally, a couple of people start walking up and the husband walks off to retrieve a piece of the cake that hit the ground.

The man is being labeled as an abusive husband based on his reaction to his own actions.

Commenters on the video told the wife that she needed to run from this man.

“Her calmness and patience [are] infuriating. She needs to walk away from this red flag,” one person wrote. “Gurl, run, don't turn in the paperwork, return the gifts, run,” another user wrote.

One person even placed some of the blame on her, saying “Was this his first sign of incompetency or have you just tolerated it this whole time?”

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But is all of this malice towards the man being misplaced? A "media analyst" named Cecilia doesn’t seem to think so. She provided her own in-depth analysis of the video and explained why the man’s behavior was so toxic.

“His face doesn’t suddenly drop because he realizes he destroyed the cake,” she explains, “his face drops when he hears the reaction of other people.”



She claims that he realized he was being exposed as an abuser and decided to try and hide it by grabbing for his beer and playing it off as something he did because he was drunk — something she calls the “dumb husband, bumbling idiot role.”

While these are some big assumptions, there is some truth to her explanation and insight that would explain how this man may actually be narcissistic or at the very least, selfish.

According to licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Margalis Fjelstad, Ph.D., a narcissistic person will tend to take control of every situation and make everything about them. 

“A narcissist is someone who has narcissistic personality disorder (NPD),” she explained in an article for MindBodyGreen, “a clinically diagnosed personality disorder characterized by grandiosity, a need for admiration, and a lack of empathy toward other people.” Checking the items off the list, this man seems to fit pretty well.

Of course, this is all being looked at through the lens of someone else’s phone camera from a 26-second clip that shows us absolutely nothing about what their relationship is like behind closed doors, but according to the one open one, this is a pretty big red flag.

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