Bride Who Didn't Practice Her 'Soft Smile' Before Her Big Day Shows How Her Wedding Photos Turned Out

Her happiness was contagious.

Phoebe Batteson-Brown scaredy_cat_lady / TikTok

Phoebe Batteson-Brown describes herself in her TikTok bio as a “bonafide crazy cat lady” and “actor-y type.” She shared a post of her wedding day that received over 1 million views, showing just how relatable and enjoyable her content was.

Batteson-Brown filmed herself looking into the camera with a contemplative expression, as though she’s processing what she’s about to show her followers. The text on her post read, “Someone didn’t practice a ‘soft smile’ for their wedding, and it shows.”


The bride, who didn’t practice her ‘soft smile’ before her big day, showed how her wedding photos turned out.

She then shared a slideshow of wedding photos that perfectly captured her sense of utter joy and elation.

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The first two photos featured the bride and groom walking back down the aisle after their ceremony, flower petals in the air, a broad grin on Batteson-Brown’s face. The next photo captured the bride showing off her wedding ring, her mouth open, like she’s shouting gleefully.

Then comes a photo of her next to her husband, champagne flute in hand, beaming.




In every wedding photo Batteson-Brown shared, she seems completely ecstatic to be a bride.

The joyous bride received over 5,000 comments on her wedding day post, praising the happiness she so clearly exhibited. As Batteson-Brown explained in the comment section, she “honestly [had] never been happier or more excited in my life!”

The vivacious exhilaration she felt comes through in the photos. Her delight practically surges from the slides.

One person believed the pictures Batteson-Brown shared were “so much better” than any she could have taken with a soft smile, because they captured the “joy and love” she felt being married.


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bride didn't soft smile in wedding photosPhoto: TikTok

Another woman shared that her favorite photo from her own wedding was one of her and her husband “laughing with our double chins out, it’s real and shows our happiness.” Someone else shared, “I have photos of my mom like this and they are my absolute favorite because they’re ‘her.’”


“If you don’t look that happy on your wedding day, you’re not doing it right,” stated one wise comment. “This is what real happiness looks like,” explained another.

“I love you and all of your no-chill, not soft smile,” one woman said.

In some ways, the very idea of putting on a “soft smile” for wedding photos diminishes the deep, real-life emotions that getting married carries. There’s a reason Batteson-Brown couldn’t contain her enthusiasm on her special day — the wealth of feelings she had were so strong, she just had to let them show.

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bride didn't soft smile in wedding photosPhoto: TikTok

The effusive praise that Batteson-Brown received for her entirely not-soft smile highlights how much joy it brings people — even strangers on the internet — to witness someone else’s happiness.

Years from now, Batteson-Brown and her husband can look back at their wedding photos to see their just-married bliss caught in action. They can laugh at the memories they created together, knowing that their wedding day was just the beginning of the joy they would share.


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