Bride Accidentally Recorded Wedding Guest Gossiping About Her Big Day Calling It 'Tacky' & 'Disrespectful'

Her guest's behavior was completely unacceptable.

Last updated on May 04, 2024

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There is so much going on on your wedding day, it's hard to catch every detail and every exchange between guests. How will you know what people thought of your wedding and if any drama ensued between guests? 

Luckily for one bride, she had recorded most of the conversations that took place during her reception. But she never meant to capture them all.

A bride accidentally caught guests gossiping about her wedding on audio.

In a video, Yaya Kampen revealed the tip she accidentally stumbled upon “to see what your wedding guests actually think about your wedding.” 

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The bride shared that she had an audio guest book at her wedding where guests could leave recorded messages for the newlyweds. For her reception, she and her wife wanted to have an audio guest book, where their guests could record messages for the couple via a telephone receiver. 


After the wedding, they planned to have the recordings transferred to a company that would be able to save all of the messages and convert them into a playback system, such as a vinyl record. The only issue was that hiring a company that could do this went way beyond Yaya’s budget, so she decided to put together her own recording system herself. 

She decorated a vintage telephone and bought a small audio recorder from Amazon, and placed it in the receiver of the phone so guests could leave their messages. The recorder was marketed as “sound sensitive” and would only pick up voices that were close by.

“I figured that once the wedding was over, I’d be able to look at the file and it would have individual audio files for each guest that left a message,” Yaya said. 

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However, the recorder proved to be more sound-sensitive than she originally believed. It had recorded the entire reception and most of the guests' interactions, even if they were not speaking on the phone! Yaya claimed that the device even picked up her closing her car door when she was parked far away from the venue. 

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The task of listening to conversations that took place throughout the entire reception, and having to individually remove the messages that guests left, seemed so daunting for Yaya. So, she didn't revisit the recordings until a year after her wedding. 

It was then she discovered that the recorder picked up more than just kind well-wishes. 

While Yaya shared that she was not expecting drama to unfold at their wedding and all of their guests were kind, there were issues that arose before the wedding that had people talking. 


“We did realize after our ceremony that our wedding had caused a lot of drama in our small little town and in our extended family,” she explained. “And that is because we uninvited people who were clearly not supportive of gay marriage.” 

The decision had become a popular topic of gossip among guests, and the recorder proved that. 

While Yaya did not share deep specifics of what each guest had to say, she did reveal a few snippets of conversations in a follow-up video. 


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During a conversation with some of Yaya’s relatives, her aunt called her decision of uninviting some of her guests “tacky” and “disrespectful.” It was also revealed that another guest was “crushed” that his homophobic family member was not in attendance

Most of the nasty comments, however, came from Yaya’s Great Aunt Cindy, who she hilariously gave a shout out to. “Thanks for coming to the wedding Cindy, it was good to have you!” she said sarcastically. 

Yaya also shared some valuable advice for those planning on getting married soon, and it was not to wiretap your wedding: “We all know the real pro tip is to elope.”

It's never acceptable to be anything less than a good wedding guest.

A couple's wedding day is supposed to be the most magical, happy day of their lives. They've planned and prepped to make the day as special as possible — not only for themselves, but for their guests as well.


Because so much planning goes into a wedding, guests should only be having a great time, eating and drinking, mingling, and celebrating the love of two people. Those are the golden rules to abide by, along with not wearing white or upstaging the bride, not getting overly intoxicated, and not bringing any uninvited guests.

Unfortunately for Yaya, some of her guests were less than thrilled to be there, and seemed unenthused about her happy day. (Looking at you, Great Aunt Cindy.)

For engaged couples, it's essential to only invite people you want at your wedding; don't feel pressured to invite individuals who aren't happy for you or have openly denigrated your relationship. For guests attending weddings, be sure to actually be happy for the couple while attending the event, and save the gossip for the ride home.


Though her feelings were no doubt hurt from the comments she heard on the audio guest book, Yaya seems to have let the entire thing roll off her back. That's an incredibly important thing for all brides (and grooms) to remember.

It's your wedding day and you won't be able to please everyone, so be in the moment and just enjoy all the other amazing things on this incredibly special, momentous occasion.

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