Bride Encouraged To Leave Her New Husband After His Prank On Their Wedding Day — 'That Marriage Is Over'

While some believed that it was just a harmless joke, others are convinced that a divorce is quickly approaching.

comments on couple jumping into pool on wedding day tiktok @viralsnare / TikTok

A bride is being encouraged by the Internet to leave her new husband after he pranked her on their wedding day.

The prank, which was recorded and posted to TikTok, has people begging her to file for divorce immediately and fearing that it eerily foreshadows their marriage. 

The groom pranked his new bride by tricking her into jumping in a pool in front of their guests. 

The video, which has garnered over 12 million views and 4000 comments on TikTok, depicts the newlyweds standing holding hands and standing a few feet away from an inground pool. They start running toward the open water, appearing to jump in together in their wedding attire. However, at the last second, the groom jumps toward the pavement, leaving just his bride to plunge into the pool in her wedding dress. He smirks at her as she surfaces with a smile on her face. 


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Their wedding guests are heard cheering in the background. 



While it is unclear if the prank angered the bride, it definitely agitated the majority of TikTok commenters. 

Users wasted no time slamming the groom for his seemingly cruel prank. “That’s not a prank that’s an immediate annulment,” one user commented.


“That marriage is over,” another user wrote. 

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Others begged the bride to leave her new husband, fearing that his actions in the video foreshadowed what the rest of their marriage would look like. 

“In that moment he just showed you he will not take a leap with you,” one user pointed out, with another writing, “If that’s not a metaphor for the rest of their relationship, I don’t know what is.” 

Other users noted that if they were in the bride’s position, this is the moment where the “trust issues” would begin. They also criticized him for allowing his new bride to ruin her wedding dress in the water while he kept his suit in mint condition after they were seemingly supposed to jump in together. 


However, others did not see the harm in the prank and believed that it was a light-hearted joke. 

“It was supposed to be funny. You guys are so dramatic,” one user commented. “We are all children at heart, his behavior is not a red flag,” another user shared. 

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Others pointed out that the bride did not appear to be angry with her new husband and that when she surfaced in the water, she was all smiles. 

It is important to note that every relationship is different. Some couples may allow the other to prank them every once in a while and share a laugh while others may believe that the same prank oversteps a boundary. 


Couples, especially if they are getting married and spending the rest of their lives together, should discuss what is appropriate to joke about in the relationship and what is off-limits to establish trust and set healthy boundaries

While some brides would be completely horrified and humiliated if their grooms allowed them to leap into a pool on their own in front of their guests, there are some who may find humor in the situation, and a sweet memory from their wedding day that they could look back on for a lifetime. 

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