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The Cowboy, Angel, Fairy, Knight Personality Test Discovers Your True Self With Only Two Questions

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Cowboy, angel, fair, knight personality test

There are about a million personality tests nowadays that purport to tell us who we truly are at our cores, many of them relying on convoluted batteries of questions that leave your head spinning — and that's before we even get into all the complicated interpretations of astrology.

But a TikToker has discovered a test that just might make getting to the bottom of our personality types far easier.

The 'Cowboy, Angel, Fairy, Knight' personality test determines your personality type with just two simple questions.

TikTok creator Felecia Freely, known as @feliciaforthewin on the app, has gone wildly viral after posting videos about the personality test she created, which takes more well-known tests like the Myers-Briggs questionnaire, the nine personality types of the enneagram, and the gazillion different interpretations of the zodiac and turns them on their heads.  



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Freely is a content creator with a passionate interest in psychology, and she recently told the New York Post that she designed the Cowboy, Fairy, Angel, Knight personality test, or CFAK as it's becoming known online, "because they’re all distinctively different from one another, and all embody a [superhuman]-like quality that people often aspire to."

In her TikTok, she explains that "the test is based on the idea that our initial reactions to things actually can tell us a lot about ourselves," Felecia says in her video about the Cowboy, Angel, Fairy, Knight personality test, or CFAK as it's becoming known online.

The CFAK personality test relies on 2 basic questions, and Freely says "our initial reactions to things actually can tell us a lot about ourselves."

1. Do you read instructions?

To explain all this, Felecia asked people to imagine they've just received a new item in the mail. "Are you the type of person to read the manual before you use whatever it is that you just got?" Or are you the type who craves chaos and just dives right in because instructions are for nerds?

2. Would you confront an intruder in your house?

As for the next question, Felecia posited that it's the middle of the night and you've just heard someone break into your house. How are you responding? "Are you the type of person to respond by going to look for and try to find the intruder?" Felecia asked. Or are you more the guy or gal who's going to grab a weapon and hide, or try to make an escape? 

Your CFAK personality test answers determine who you are, how others perceive you and the impact you have on the world.



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If you answered 'no' to reading instructions and 'yes' to confronting an intruder, you are a cowboy.

If you think of a cowboy, what do you immediately think of? An outlaw, a maverick, the strong, fearless type, right?

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Felecia explains that according to the Cowboy, Fairy, Angel, Knight personality test, people who can't be bothered with instructions and aren't afraid to confront an intruder are the fearless risk-takers of our societies, and they change our world because of it.

"They're willing to take risks, they're willing to fail. And because of that, cowboys end up creating a lot of what we know the world to be. They're discoverers, so entrepreneurs, creators, artists, writers, and hackers are all bound to be cowboys."

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If you answered 'no' to both questions, you are a fairy.

"Congrats, because that is apparently the rarest of the four," Felecia said of the Fairies fluttering among us. As the name suggests, fairies are the mystics of the CFAK personalities. "If you have a fairy in your life, know that this person is magical," Felecia explained. 

fairy image for cowboy, fairy, angel, knight personality testPhoto: Ironika / Shutterstock.com

Interestingly, the CFAK test says that many neurodivergent people, such as those with conditions like autism or certain mental health conditions, are fairies because of the way those conditions alter people's perspectives and the way they think about and interact with others and the world around them.

And this can be difficult to deal with for some of those around them. "Even though fairies don't have a harmful bone in their body," Felecia explained, "they still end up unfortunately making people uncomfortable simply because fairies don't like to follow rules and other people can't understand that."

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If you're a 'yes' to reading instructions but a 'no' to confronting intruders, you are an angel.

If this is you, congratulations — you're right about everything! Okay, that's not quite the takeaway, but you are bringing a lot of good into the world.

angel image for cowboy, fairy, angel, knight personality testPhoto: udra11 / Shutterstock.com

"Angels are the light of this world," Felecia explained. "You have a very pure-feeling energy that makes people feel lighter." Angels are the people that others feel they can trust the most and with whom we all feel safest. "Strangers open up to them like a book," Felecia explains. 

But interestingly, that relationship goes both ways — angels are also surrounded by allies, or angels of their own if you will. "Angels also often experience multiple people trying to protect them from things," Felecia explained. 

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If you answered 'yes' to both questions, you are a knight.

Congratulations, instructions-readers and intruder-vanquishers, you are the valiant, honorable champions of our world. And according to the Cowboy, Fairy, Angel, Knight personality test, you're also the ones holding everything together. 

knight image for cowboy, fairy, angel, knight personality testPhoto: Nejron Photo / Shutterstock.com

"Knights keep the world from falling apart," Felecia explained. "Our builders, protectors, engineers, veterans, scientists" who "construct and build the world" we all live in. 

She goes on to explain that Knights value "honor, courage, duty and loyalty" above all else — "the ride-or-dies" among us who, as Felecia put it, "are always ready to fight for what they believe in."

So what do you think? Is the Cowboy, Fairy, Angel, Knight personality test accurate?

Many on TikTok felt like it was dead-on, but others felt like they were a combination of one or two of the different types — or even three, in the case of one woman who said she was a "Cowboy Sun, Angel Moon, Knight Rising."

For her part, Freely says that at the end of the day, the CFAK test is just a theory. "It’s not based on rigorous scientific testing,” she told the Post. "Take it easy. It’s just for fun." But given the response it's gotten online, it sure seems like she's onto something!

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