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Want To Plan A Threesome? There's An App For That!

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having a threesome

So you know you want to have a threesome, and you’re excited about the prospect of having steamy, passionate sex with more than one person.

Now what?

If you're in a relationship, you’re going to have to work up the courage to ask your partner if they’re interested in finding a threesome as well. You have to also really make them feel secure enough to realize that a threesome doesn't mean they're not cutting it sexually anymore — you just want a new experience!

But even after you’ve managed to convince your partner — or were the one who needing convincing — there’s still the really tricky part of actually choosing who it is you want to share your bed, your partner, and even yourself with.


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You want someone you'll both be comfortable with and someone who is actually interested in doing it, which can be a difficult subject to broach. (This is called "finding a unicorn" for your threesome.)

There’s the chance that friends you might think are interested simply aren’t down for this particular type of sexual adventure, but then there’s also the possibility that you’re simply scared to ask, which is totally OK. Finding an additional person for a threesome can seem rather daunting if you’re inexperienced.

But now, thanks to an app called Feeld (previously 3nder), you can experience planning a threesome in the easiest way possible — online and impersonal until you’re certain you’ve got the right candidate for the job.

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The hardest part of planning your three-way tryst can be figuring out who might be interested in joining you, and if you’re interested in having them join you.

Now, thanks to Feeld, you can actually plan it all online and find out immediately if they’re looking to join a threesome and what kind of hook up they’re expecting. No messiness, no hurt feelings, no possible romantic notions. You're all there for one reason: you're trying to find a threesome to join!

Thank the internet for small miracles like that!

You’re looking for an exciting experience; not a relationship, and certainly not a headache! So you can find your lucky guy or gal online, at your own convenience, and arrange the entire thing through your phone app.

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