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Woman's Husband Dragged For Not Helping His Wife Around The House While She's Having Contractions

Photo: hortonlane/ TikTok

Having a baby is no easy feat—but having four with a fifth on the way is almost admirable. 

One woman on TikTok decided to showcase a day in her life with her fifth child on the way, leaving some stunned at the amount of work she is still able to do while having contractions. 

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While in the middle of contractions, the mother did household chores without her husband’s help.

The video was posted by a mother, Chrissy Horton, under the username @hortonlane. 

Horton makes it clear that this isn’t her first time dealing with something like this and even states that the whole point of the video is to be as transparent as possible to help any new and nervous mothers. 

“When I was pregnant with my first baby I had no idea what to expect when giving birth. I wish I had someone to walk me through how long labor could potentially be, the interventions that are used, and what my options were. So I decided to document and share my entire birthing experience from start to finish,” Horton writes in the caption. 

So, she begins to document the process from start to finish with time stamps.

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Everything seems to be going fine but there’s one thing that viewers were quick to note: Horton did household chores while in labor. 

Around 10 PM, Horton documents herself doing the laundry while she’s clearly having a contraction because she “didn’t want to come home to a bunch of dirty clothes.”

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Many questioned why the husband wasn’t helping with the smaller things. 

Women flooded the comments with affirmations commending Horton for how strong she is for braving a fifth child. 

“I love how real this was,” one user wrote. “Everyone only shows the perfect parts of labor, not the real emotion during pushing. Thank you for showing us your amazing experience!”

Others pointed out just how informative the video was to them, both to new mothers and experienced mothers alike. 

While Horton is certainly experienced when it comes to giving birth to children, many were still upset at the fact that her husband didn’t help with a task like laundry and felt like she had to get that done while in labor. 

“This man wants to father five kids but can’t do the laundry?” one user asked. 

“Why on earth was your husband not doing the laundry?” another wrote. 

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But Horton was quick to come back with an explanation and defended her husband. 



Horton explains that while in labor, her one-year-old was crying and because her husband went to go help the child so she wouldn’t have to, she saw the pile of laundry and was in “mission mode” to get it done. 

“It’s called nesting,” she explained. “Some women just love to do chores and clean while in active labor because it’s distracting and it gives them a sense of control when they’re in a situation that is completely uncontrollable.”

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