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Mom's Struggle To Get Distracted Toddler To Unlock Door While She's Locked Out Is A Master Class In Parental Patience

Toddler helping mom

One mother had to figure out how she would get back inside of her home after she locked her and her son out of the house.

Luckily, she recruited some help from her toddler!

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Her toddler was tasked with unlocking the door but got a little sidetracked.

The video begins with a shot of the young son and the mother outside of their home on their front porch. 

“We gave dada our house keys. We are locked out of the house,” said the mother.



Then she points the camera to a window leading to the living room, “Thankfully, mama didn’t lock this window”.

The young boy was able to squeeze into the tiny space of the window, and got into the living room.

The mom thought the worst part was over, but this was only the beginning. 

She then began to give directions to the toddler so he would open up the door, but there were many distractions that kept him from achieving his goal. 

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Holden struggled to focus on the task at hand, leaving his mom out in the cold.

“Alright Holden, I need you to go inside and unlock the door”.

Once Holden was in the living room, she directed him to grab a chair and put it next to the front door so he could unlock it.

The first thing Holden did was simply get up into the chair and sit in it, not understanding that his mom wanted him to move it.

Then he started to play with a ball that was on the table.

So she redirected him by saying “No, leave the ball. I need you to focus”.

While he started to push the chair, he got distracted again by a rock on the floor. So, he picked it up and gave it to his mom.

“You got a rock, thank you,” said the mother.

The toddler took his sweet time while moving, and kept distracted by objects in the home. 

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Though there were many distractions, the toddler finally pulled it off.  

After about a minute of the video, the toddler finally reaches for the door lock - but he can’t grab it.

“You can’t reach it, so grab the chair,” said his mother.

Holden didn’t listen, but instead picked up some gold object on their floor.

His mother asked if he could put it down, but he just kept looking at it. The sighs coming from the mom showed how frustrated she was, but she kept her patience.

“Holden, I’m serious. I can’t get into the house,” she said. “I need you to get the chair.”

At one point, he picked up the rug at the front door so he could easily slide the chair over. After he moved the rug, he was finally able to get the chair next to the door to unlock it.

The mom celebrated by telling her son that he was “amazing”, and he had a big proud smile on his face.

Users praised Holden's mom for not only making it back inside with her son but for doing so with patience. It's not easy to direct a rescue mission when your hero is an easily-distracted toddler but Holden and his mama are a great team!

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