Woman Who Married A Rag Doll Has To Quit Work To Search For Her Rag Doll Baby Who Has Gone Missing

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There is a saying that proclaims we find love in the strangest places when we least expect it. However, many of us anticipate falling in love with another human being — not an inanimate object. 

One Brazilian woman defied expectations of love after marrying a rag doll in a wedding ceremony that took the Internet by storm in 2022, proving that love does in fact, transpire in the most bizarre ways. 


Although, this is not the only reason her story is going viral. A recent development in her love story took a tragic turn involving her and her husband’s rag doll “child.” 

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The woman claims that her rag doll baby has gone missing, and has quit her job since to search for him. 

37-year-old Meirivone Rocha Moraes is pleading with her online following to help her find her missing rag doll son after he suddenly disappeared. 

She believes that he has been kidnapped for ransom money, and has posted a series of TikTok videos depicting herself hanging up flyers in her neighborhood with the missing “child’s” picture. 




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This twisted story all began with a lonely Moraes looking for love. 

In June 2022, the frustrated woman vented her concerns about never finding love to her mother, who decided to take it upon herself to ensure her daughter would have the life she hoped for. 


She crafted a rag doll named “Marcelo” and gifted it to Moraes so she could have a companion. However, Moraes claimed that it was “love at first sight.” 

“When my mom made Marcelo and first introduced me to him, I fell in love with him. It was love at first sight,” she says. “It was because I didn’t have a forró dancer. I would go to these dances but wouldn’t always find a partner. Then he entered into my life, and it all made sense.” 

The 'couple' tied the knot soon after meeting. 

Moraes decided to marry the rag doll in a ceremony with 250 guests in attendance, as reported by the Daily Mail. 

“The wedding was a wonderful, very important, emotional day for me,” the bride shared. “It rained a lot, but it was wonderful; from the moment I walked down the aisle to the end, it was just beautiful.” 


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The couple embarked on their honeymoon trip to Rio de Janeiro shortly afterward. 


A few months later, Moraes made the shocking announcement that she was pregnant with Marcelo’s child. 

“It’s true; Marcelo got me pregnant, she claimed. “He got me pregnant. I took the test — it was positive. I couldn’t believe it.” 

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Moraes 'gave birth' to her baby, who inherited his father’s rag doll genetics, in her home in just 35 minutes with a doctor and nurse present. 

Over 200 people tuned in to watch the birth as the woman recorded the process on her live stream. 

“I didn’t feel the contractions in pain,” she reported. “Seeing the placenta, the umbilical cord, and the blood made it all real. He was here in 35 minutes, and he is great.” 


Moraes named her baby “Marcelinho.” 

While the new mom revealed that she was thrilled with her new family, she felt an overwhelming pressure to provide for them since she was the sole breadwinner of the household. 

“He has so many great qualities, but the only downside is he’s lazy,” Moraes told the Jam Press of her husband. “He doesn’t work at all. But I am a warrior, and I keep it going for us.”

Just eight months after welcoming Marcelinho into the world, the child was kidnapped.

According to the Daily Mail, the captors are holding him hostage and demanding $170 for his safe return. 

The worried mom has since quit her job as she works tirelessly to retrieve back her missing son. Her concerns grew even more severe after she received a video of little Marcelinho sitting by himself in the corner of an abandoned building. 


“There’s part of me worried they will set him on fire,” Moraes shared in one of her videos. 

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Since her son’s disappearance, she and her husband have been unable to sleep, as they call out to their missing baby throughout the night. 

Still, she hopes that the kidnappers are taking good care of the rag doll child. 

“I just love him so much. I’m left here thinking are they giving him a bath? Are they giving him clean milk? Are they taking good care of him?” she says. 

Moraes shared on her Instagram page that she had to take out a loan as she is negotiating with the kidnappers. 


“Deep down my mother’s intuition is telling me he’s fine,” she adds. “But I just don’t know what is happening.” 

Thankfully, the ‘baby’ was found safe and sound shortly afterward. 

Moraes shared the happy news on Instagram. 

To celebrate their baby’s safe return, Moraes and Marcelo took a getaway to a motel to spend some much-needed quality time together after a stressful few days. 


According to a 2022 research paper included in Archives of Sexual Behavior, objectophilia (also known as objectum-sexuality) may be linked to autism. The phenomenon involves romantic and sexual attraction to specific objects.

The study claims that the determinants of objectophilia which can contribute to the marginalization of people who experience this attraction.

Rocha's relationship could also be considered a form of delusional companion syndrome — a disorder of the self that is characterized by the belief that certain non-living objects possess consciousness, can think independently and feel emotion.

Affected individuals often develop the syndrome as a result of trauma or developmental abnormalities.


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