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Teacher Sends Parent A Text Out Of The Blue Saying She Wants To Take Her Child Home To Raise Her

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Every day, you send your child to school in the hopes that their teachers will be able to take care of and educate them while you’re off at work looking to provide for your family — it’s their job, and is the natural order of how things are run all around the world.

Now imagine that one of those teachers you are blindly placing your trust in decides that she wants to adopt/raise your child because she thinks that there’s something wrong with her.

It seems like one teacher has watched “Matilda” too many times and decided to send a text to one of her student’s mothers requesting to take her in and raise her.

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The teacher texted her student's mother saying 'your daughter can come live with me if you want.'

A woman on TikTok under the account name “@karpoozy” claimed that she had originally found the post about the situation on Facebook — written by the mother who was contacted.

“Yesterday my daughter’s teacher contacted me randomly saying she would take my child to raise because she was worried about her,” the post read, “mind you she has not contacted me about my child’s wellbeing prior to this.”



After confronting the teacher and asking her why she believed she could say something like that to her, the teacher froze up and refused to explain herself, offering absolutely no reason as to why she would ask to take her daughter besides “she’s very upset.”

The teacher claims that “she’s really struggling with peers” and that she’s “always looking for an argument.”

When the mother asks her for a phone call, she refuses and claims that she’s sick and isn’t even at school at the moment.

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The teacher told her that she 'just couldn’t stop thinking about' her daughter.

When the mother asked how she knew that her daughter had been upset, she just repeatedly claims “I know [her],” without explaining any further.

After her repeated attempts to back away from the situation, the mother says “This isn’t a never mind thing. You don’t text a parent about her child and then say never mind. If it’s a problem then we need to get it figured out.”



“[Your daughter] needs attention. I’m just willing to take her. But clearly that’s not okay with you,” the teacher responds, ending the conversation.

When the mother brought it to the school’s attention, she wasn’t taken seriously.

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After contacting the principal and superintendent of the school and district, neither of them took her seriously.

When she was finally able to get into a meeting with the vice principal, they laughed in her face about it.

It wasn’t until she filed a police report for the situation that the teacher was placed on paid administrative leave until the investigation was completed.



Many people joked about the similarities to Matilda but understood the full gravity of the situation and how horrifying it must have been for the mother to go through the entire ordeal.

Other parents and teachers chimed in, sharing their shock and pointing out the audacity of the teacher, with many calling for her to be fired.

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