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Woman Who Shared Video Feeding Reborn Doll Baby Formula During A Shortage Responds To Backlash

Photo: mummyof2reborns/ TikTok.com
Reborn dolls

Taking care of a child can be extremely difficult, especially amid the formula shortage that we’ve found ourselves in for months now. 

But one mom on TikTok isn’t finding it difficult to care for her children at all and has taken to the platform to share how she does so.

The only problem, however, is that her children are dolls. 

Now she’s facing backlash. 

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The woman shared a video feeding her reborn doll baby formula during a shortage. 

When watching TikTok user mummyof2reborns videos, nothing at first seems amiss. She’s simply a mother showcasing how she cares for her children. 



However, looking more at her account reveals that her children aren’t actually alive — they’re dolls. 

Reborn dolls are actually quite common. They are typically bought by grieving mothers who either can’t have children of their own or suffer from a miscarriage.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, many disgruntled mothers among the user’s comments find issues with her ‘feeding’ her children real baby formula. 

“There are actual mums with actual babies that need those bags for actual milk,” one user commented under the video of the woman bagging her "breast milk." 

But others pointed out that it doesn’t look like breast milk at all. In fact, the woman’s "breast milk" seems to be even more formula that these mothers can’t get access to. 

“Breast milk does not look like that, it's very thin looking and usually has a blue/green tinge to it.”

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In her shopping hauls, she showcases the formula she buys. 

Other videos that people have issues with are her shopping hauls. 

In one more recent video, the mother showed the items she bought for her two reborn dolls, including a very popular formula that other mothers need. 



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Amidst the pacifiers, bibs, and wet wipes, she showcased some of the formula she got for her children- two tins of Kendamil, some of the hardest-to-find formulas in the UK. 

People were rightfully upset in the comments.

“Please please NOT Kendamil! Most supermarkets do not stock it so it’s ridiculously hard to get hold of!! I’m sure your plastic toys won’t go hungry!” one woman commented. 

Another mother commented how difficult it was to find the formula and how it was the only one her child would take. 

“I was due to switch my daughter to Kendamil. Couldn’t get it anywhere, yet here you are buying two to pour down a drain.”

In a video addressing the backlash, the mom shared how she was going to move forward after sitting down to think about the criticism she received.

She explained that, moving forward, she would use milk powder or CoffeeMate instead of buying real formula.

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Whether she’s going through a loss or is amidst a grieving process, there’s nothing wrong with using a reborn doll to help with that. And now that she has made alternative plans, it's clear that she understood where her critics were coming from — even if they weren't too kind about it.

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