Woman Kicked Out Of Starbucks After She Refused To Change Into A 'Full Shirt'

She says that no one will "stop her shine."

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When most of us think of dress codes, we often associate them with business meetings or fancy restaurants. 

We usually wouldn’t think of coffee shops to enforce dress codes. However, this is exactly what happened to one woman who was picking up an order from Starbucks. 

The woman was asked to leave Starbucks unless she put on a “full shirt.” 

In a TikTok posted by user @ezzystyles, she describes how she was dress coded at a Starbucks coffee shop on her college campus. 


“I just got dress coded at Starbucks,” Ezzy tells viewers. “Like, are you for real?” 

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Ezzy, who is wearing a yellow tube top and gray skirt, claims that she was approached by an employee after entering the Starbucks, who told her that she needed to be wearing a “full shirt.” 


“She was like, ‘yea I’m so sorry, it’s just that since this is an establishment it’s required that you wear a full shirt,” Ezzy says, who was shocked by this rule. 

“I was like, ‘b–tch I’m not your employee like I don’t work for you... I’m an adult,” she fired back. 

Ezzy includes a clip of herself in the mirror proudly showing off the outfit in question. “I guess they really don’t want to see bad b–tches win,” she says. 

Despite the incident, Ezzy refused to let it put a damper on her day and confidence. 

“Let me tell you one thing, it’s not gonna stop my shine today, I just look too cute,” she proudly reports.


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Some TikTok users supported Ezzy and agreed that the Starbucks dress code was unnecessary. 

“That's ridiculous, you should be able to go into a public setting without worrying about if your outfit fits their dress code,” one user commented. 

“Your outfit looks really cute! I don’t know why Starbucks was giving you s–t! For everyone giving you s–t in the comments don't pay any mind to them, they’re jealous!” another user wrote. 

“You looked very cute and I loved the outfit from top to bottom no lie,” another user shared. 


However, other users believed that Ezzy should have complied with the dress code and that Starbucks had the right to enforce it. 

“It’s a private establishment. They can enforce whatever dress code they want,” one user pointed out. “Have some shame, what you’re wearing is tacky.” 

“Are you seriously that entitled? A PRIVATE business can ask you to leave. Have you ever seen those no shirt/shoe signs they can dress code,” another user commented. 

“Ever heard of no shirt, no shoes, no service? It’s a thing, always has been,” another user added. 


Others poked fun at Ezzy’s weight and shared offensive comments. 

However, as Ezzy has already made clear to her viewers, she will not allow anyone or anything to strip her of her shine. 

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