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Woman Shows Off Revealing Dress That's 'Perfect For A Funeral' & People Are Roasting Her For It

Photo: @edgylittleprincess / TikTok
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A TikTok model has shocked users by displaying a dress she calls “perfect for a funeral.”

Many people are raising their eyebrows over the model’s recommendation due to the raunchy nature of the dress.

TikTok users are horrified and labeled the dress as 'inappropriate' for a funeral.

A model for the clothing brand “EdgyLittlePrincess” on TikTok has a variety of videos on the account displaying dresses for different occasions.

Many TikTok users seek outfit recommendations from the model, whether it be meeting a partner’s family for the first tie or a job interview. 

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The model responds to users in a video depicting her suggested outfit, and it is more often than not anything but modest. 

When one user asked the model what she should wear for an upcoming funeral service, the model displayed her go-to

The outfit is a black, tight-fitted dress with cutouts that reveal much of the cleavage and torso area.

Additionally, there are thin straps that crisscross her neck, chest, breasts, and stomach.

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“We still have funeral dresses in stock!” the model says.

“You can tighten it up to make it super modest for the funeral,” she adds while demonstrating herself pulling on the thin straps. 

“Then loosen it back down for the afterparty,” she says in a different shot, depicting the dress as much more revealing

In addition to the funeral dress the brand sells, the model shares that they have “funeral tops” in stock as well.



“We’d recommend our twilight style for the actual funeral 'cause it’s all black,” the model says as she wears a cropped, sequin-covered tank top with black fabric underneath. 

“And then you can change into the super bling-bling one for the after party,” she says, showing off a cropped tank top with brighter sequins than the first. 

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Many TikTok users were horrified by the model’s suggested funeral outfits. 

“Funeral top?? More like a party top,” one user commented.

“If I wore that to a funeral I’d be the one in the coffin,” another user wrote.

“Is it me or does this seem disrespectful?” another user added.

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However, other users quickly caught on to the fact that the model was joking.

“This girl is so funny,” one user wrote.

“Wearing this to my grandpa’s upcoming funeral. Can’t wait to arrive!” another user shared.

Although the model never confirmed her videos to be for jokes, she certainly took the opportunity to share humorous videos involving the funeral dress.



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