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Woman Tests Theory Of HR Being ‘Jealous’ Of Her After She’s Sent Home From Work For Dress Code Issues

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After being sent home because her outfit was "revealing" and "distracting," a woman named Katie Lalinde suspected that HR might have been jealous.

Lalinde posted a series of videos where she claims she was sent home by HR because her outfit violated the workplace dress code.

HR scolded the woman because her outfit was too ‘distracting’ in the TikTok video.

“Guys, it happened again. I’m getting sent home for my outfit. This time the HR girl approached me. I’m about to ask her,” Lalinde wrote in her caption.

HR went as far as to forbid Lalinde from wearing that outfit again.



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She expressed her confusion with HR's actions — the black dress covered her from her neck to her knees.

After watching the video, some internet users were also surprised at HR's behavior and claimed that they could have been jealous of her outfit.

One user wrote, “Sounds like pure jealousy to me! 'Way too distracting & revealing'? Where exactly? You look professional & elegant!”

After reading the comments, Lalinde thought that it could be a possibility.

After that, she decided to test the theory of HR being ‘jealous.'

The next day, Lalinde decided to wear an inappropriate outfit on purpose.

She said, “I’m going to wear something kind of ridiculous and we’re [going] to try to get approval from the HR rep that is here today.”



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She showed the strapless dress she was wearing to work that day which some would consider quite revealing.

To minimize the violation, Lalinde wore a black blazer to cover up a bit.

After going to work, she walked into the HR office to ask for approval from the male HR rep.

She stated that the other HR is always writing her up for her outfits and asked whether the outfit she was wearing today was alright.

The male HR rep didn't seem to have any problems with her current outfit and gave her a compliment.

“Oh yeah, you look ready," he said. "Do a spin.”

Both of the TikTok videos became viral and caught the attention of many people including the company’s boss.

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The company’s boss then asked the HR lady to apologize to the woman.

“I just got out of the meeting with the CEO and he wanted me to apologize to you because what you were wearing after [the] second review was appropriate,” the HR lady continued.

“However, now that you’re here, can we please discuss what you’re wearing today.”

When Lalinde asked her what was wrong with her current outfit, the lady claimed that it showed too much of her breasts.



TikTok users criticized the HR lady even more after she apologized.

One user wrote, “When will they realize what we wear doesn’t sexualize us? It’s clothes on a body. Mind your own, you’re gorgeous.”

Another user wrote, “Well she’s about to get another call from the CEO.”

“She didn’t even apologize, she rushed it and then went on about your fit currently, I would’ve made her say it,” another person commented.

Another user commented, "I would now ask what is ok to wear. I would then take it to the upper management as [a] grievance issue."

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