Woman Spends Weeks Planning Best Friend's Baby Shower Only For None Of The Guests To Show Up

17 guests said they would be attending.

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A woman went above and beyond to ensure that her best friend had the best baby shower possible.

She spent weeks planning, buying the cutest decorations, and ordering desserts to prepare for what was supposed to be an exciting day — if only she and her best friend were able to share it with the guests.

Of the 17 guests who RSVPed yes, none of them showed up to the baby shower.

In a heartbreaking TikTok video that has been viewed nearly 1 million times, a woman shares that she planned a baby shower for her best friend, and the two were both looking forward to it.


She reveals screenshots of text messages between the two talking about the upcoming shower.

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“Just got all the stuff for the balloon arch!” the woman sent to her friend. “I’m so excited,” she replied.


“We were both so excited for the shower,” the woman shared. 

She depicts a series of photos of her contributions to the celebration, including balloons, decorations, and desserts including a customized cake, macaroons, and cookies — it was all coming together beautifully.

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Unfortunately, hours before the shower was set to begin, the guests began to text. 

“I’m seriously getting overwhelmed. Everyone messaging me saying 'sorry can’t make it,'” a text the woman’s best friend sent to her reads. 

By the time the shower started, no guests had turned up. The woman included a clip of the nearly empty venue. 


“17 people sent back an RSVP,” she wrote. “But not a single person came.”

Somehow, her best friend managed to “smile through it” despite the poor turnout, but the woman knew that her heart was “crushed.”

After the shower, she sent several upsetting text messages to the woman.

“I seriously can’t stop crying,” one of them read. “My face and eyes are so swollen I can barely open them.”

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Heartbroken on her best friend’s behalf, she sent a message to the Facebook group she created for the baby shower.

“Usually I wouldn’t say anything, but I do want to express how important it is to let people know if you are not going to be attending,” she wrote in the message. 


“I understand that life happens so please don’t commit to events that you aren’t 100% sure you will be attending. It would’ve been easier just to reschedule.” 

Not a single guest responded to the woman’s message. 

She ended her video by emphasizing her love for her best friend, telling her that she will always be there for her. 

“People can be so cold,” the woman captioned the video. “She deserves so much more.”

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TikTok users extended their support to the woman and her best friend. 

“I don't have a single friend that would even organize one for me or anyone that would even show up. I feel her pain,” one user commented. 


“They could have just said they weren’t coming you could have done something intimate for her and used the money to buy things the baby needs this hurts,” another user pointed out.

“So sorry this happened to you,” another user wrote.

Others shared their own gutwrenching experiences of having nearly no guests attend their celebrations.

“40 people were invited to my daughter’s party. 30 RSVP’d. Only five showed up. People are cruel,” one user revealed.


“I got a venue for 80 guests and only 30 showed up. I was sad and my husband was mad,” another added.

Although the woman’s best friend’s baby shower was likely difficult for her, the support from the woman will be everlasting.

“The older you get, your circle gets smaller...expect nothing and you are never disappointed — one best friend is forever,” another user mentioned.

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