Woman Refuses To Attend Baby Showers & Weddings For People Who Just Seem To Invite Her 'For Gifts'

She makes a good point.

Lanette Rincon TikTok

A woman has sparked quite a debate online after sharing her rule when it comes to accepting invitations to weddings and baby showers.

In a TikTok video, Lanette Rincon candidly revealed that if someone is only inviting her to their event for a gift — they might want to rethink sending her an invite in the first place.

She refuses to attend weddings and baby showers for people who only invite her 'for gifts.'

While often a heavily-debated topic, Rincon explained why she would prefer someone leave her off a guest list for their event if they don't consider her their true friend.


"Do not invite me to baby showers, weddings, house-warming parties, etcetera," she began.

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Rincon made sure to emphasize that she shouldn't receive an invite unless she's also invited to "movie nights, girl's night out, dinners, coffee dates, and lunch."


She explained that it is "extremely offensive" to receive invites for different occasions from people who don't take the time to nurture a friendship when they're clearly expecting a gift out of her attendance.

"It is extremely offensive to presume that somebody wants to spend money on your life milestones without including them [in] your life's progressions."

Rincon's video garnered mixed reactions from viewers, with some people agreeing.

"Funny how I only get invited when my presence requires a gift..." one user wrote.

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Another user added, "I don’t understand the people who don’t understand this. I’ll take a [one-on-one] taco night over a mass invite wedding any damn day."


However, other users pointed out that they would rather be invited to the "big events" considering they wouldn't have time to attend all of the other get-togethers.

"Heck no, I can’t keep up with all the little stuff. Happy to show up and support big milestones if I was important enough to be invited," a third user chimed in.

Another user wrote, "I'm fine with just going to milestones. I don't have time or room in my life for more close friends."

Rincon explained that she doesn't appreciate people who invite her without maintaining a good relationship.

In a follow-up video, Rincon addressed the backlash and clarified the comments made in her previous video.


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"If you are posting on social media … having your girl's nights, having movie nights, going out to dinner or doing basic life things."

"But you never take the time to invite me, why would you invite me to your bay shower or wedding?” she asked.


She continued, pointing out that if someone doesn't want to take the time to invite her to "anything that is going on in your life," she finds it odd that they'd go out of their way to invite her to their wedding, or other any other major life-altering event.

“[It's] because it has to do with [the presumption that] you’re going to get a gift, or it’s all for show [so you can say], ‘Oh, I had 300 people at my wedding,’” Rincon continued.

“Like I’m just another number, you [couldn't] give a sh-t if I’m there or not.”


Rincon stressed that she only wants to "be involved in your everyday life" so that when those big milestones come, it "feel[s] more important."

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