Woman Tries To Steal The Husbands Of Women Who Leave Her Hate Comments — And Shares Her Results

She might be doing these women a favor!

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If someone wrote hateful comments to you, how would you respond? Ignoring them or deciding to go after their husband instead? Well, one woman on TikTok is showing just how easy it is for her to snatch the husbands away, and she’s sharing the results. 

She says she's doing these women a favor by going after their husbands.

Roxy, who posts under the username @roxystylezz26, shared three videos showing how easy it is for her to snatch away husbands from women. In her first video posted, she says she finds it funny everyone keeps calling her a “homewrecker.”




“One of the videos I made saying 'Have you called your husband today or has your wife called you handsome today' has blown up, and everyone hates me,” she says in her video. 

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But she explains that if she can “come in and tell your man that he’s handsome,” and this small gesture being a possibility of taking him away from them, she says, “He’s not the one for you!

“He should be ignoring me, he should be rude to me saying, ‘no I have a wife, not sorry, I have a wife’ it should be straight up no, I have a wife, and if that’s not the case, then girl I consider it fair game.” 

Comments in her first video asking why all those women are angry, some would be curious to see if they pass the loyalty test or not. "Facts!! If he goes for it, he's the problem," one comment reads.

She ends her first video with a warning to all the women posting hate comments, saying she’s coming for their husbands.


Roxy did not lie and showed her results.

In two more follow-up videos, Roxy decides to find the husbands of the women who called her "nasty" in her videos, and she sure did find them. 

Showing the user’s Instagram, she decides to find their husbands through tagged posts. She says she starts simple, messaging each husband to say, “hey how’s it going.”



She guarantees that one of the husbands she messaged will immediately respond; in her third video, Roxy said two responded, but the one named Darren had their account deleted, most likely by their wife.


In her third follow-up video, she says she will keep the names of the two husbands anonymous because she doesn’t want them receiving death threats but goes into detail about what they said.

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"The second one said, ‘hey there’s an account using your pics.’ I was confused and said What? Then he proceeds to send me a picture of space and says ‘because you’re out of this world,’”

Roxy then says, “We’re gonna run with this,” implying she plans to keep talking to him.



“I don’t want your man, but if you’re mean to me, I’ll show you I can have him,” she explains.


Moving on to the next husband, Roxy says she's not going to tell us the first message but says he also wrote to her to say this: 

"Honestly your looks got my attention, but after I regained focus holy F-ck you are hilarious too."

"I think this might be going somewhere,” Roxy jokes in her TikTok.


In a final update, she says, "You think I'm going after these men to keep them? You think I want your trash? I'm just going around to prove you don't get to be a free bully without receiving some consequences."

Roxy now says women are leaving hateful comments on her Instagram but secretly direct messaging her with their husband's accounts asking her to test their loyalty.

But Roxy shows that if you want to throw down, you better be prepared for some revenge.

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