Woman Says She Cheats Because She's 'Too Hot' For Her Husband

Apparently, being too good looking makes it okay to cheat.

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Apparently, being really good-looking makes it okay to cheat. Sounds logical, right? According to one writer, she was just too beautiful to stay faithful in her relationship.

In an article she wrote, Julia Stephenson shares how she didn’t think she was THAT beautiful when she got married to her husband. However, she eventually blossomed and realized that she was hot.

When both herself and her husband realized how much hotter she was than him, her husband became quite insecure and jealous.


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She tied the knot with her husband, who she describes as plain, back in 1989 at the age of 26. While she thought she loved him, she quickly realized that her feelings were fading as she had to turn down stud after stud who wanted to be with her.

It only took 18 months after marriage for her to be seduced by one of her husband’s rivals — a super-sexy, chiseled and successful banker.

She says, “I genuinely believed my husband was the love of my life — but 18 months later it was all over. Gone, because someone had flattered and seduced me and, stupidly, I didn’t have the backbone to say ‘No’.”


Her new fling didn’t last long, though, as karma does have its way of coming back around. The hottie she left her husband for was apparently too good-looking, even for her, and ended up leaving her for another gorgeous woman.

With her ego bruised and a slight sense of regret for throwing her marriage away, Stephenson took the blame off of herself by quoting a study that says being beautiful is a relationship liability.

Harvard researchers have apparently been interested in why gorgeous Hollywood couples like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt don’t last very long. They found that celebrities, in general, were less likely to have lasting relationships than regular people.

Regular people, though, are not immune to this infidelity tendency. Researchers also asked ordinary women to rate the attractiveness of more than 200 men from their high school yearbooks. The men that were found to be the most good-looking actually had shorter marriages or had gotten divorced.


Stephenson argues that being so attractive coupled with being young was toxic to any relationship she was in. There were constant temptations that made her feel that the grass was greener.

“The fact that I was attractive meant I was constantly surrounded by men ready and willing to distract me from the path of true love. The more offers I got, the more convinced I became that the grass really was greener on the other side,” she says.

It seems that her mentality is the real problem here, not the way that she looks. Stephenson admits to moving from relationship to relationship well into her forties.

“When things started to go awry with a boyfriend, I never felt remotely inclined to try to work through any problems. I simply moved on to the next man. As a beautiful woman, I never had that fear I would be left alone. There was always another charming, handsome replacement waiting in the wings to offer me the heady excitement of a new relationship,” she says.


She tells tales of men stopping their cars just to talk to her and invite her to parties and events filled with champagne, tasty food. and wealthy guests. How could she turn that down?

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Another time, she was approached by a handsome man in the airport who simply gave her his business card and told her that she was beautiful. She called, ending whatever relationship she was in just because a handsome stranger crossed her path.

Beauty seems to run in her family as she describes her parents: "My parents, Anthony and Rosamund, were stunningly attractive. My mother was a glamorous blonde bombshell, the daughter of a baronet who was a food company magnate, and she looked like Julie Christie. My father had the dark, brooding looks of the man in the TV Milk Tray advert."


In the article, she writes about watching her parents fight constantly, accuse each other of cheating, and eventually split up when she was only nine.

Considering herself a late bloomer, Stephenson didn’t have much self-confidence in her early twenties which was why she felt lucky when she met her first husband. She thought that he was the best she could do, so she settled, eventually realizing this may have been a mistake once her features became more defined and her body more shapely.

“For the first time in my life, men were falling over themselves to talk to me, even when I was with my husband. You can imagine the ego boost that gave me. Unforgivably, I chose to ignore how much hurt this would cause.”


Her husband would have to watch her dance with other men and try on sexy clothes that showed off her figure. They would get into arguments over what she looked like when leaving the house, too.

As she reached middle age and grew more mature, Stephenson finally started to realize that she didn’t want to keep jumping from meaningless relationships to meaningless relationships. Plus, with more mature looks, she wasn’t the arm candy that she used to be.

At the age of 42, she met her 60-year-old partner Steve, an eco-builder. She says that he isn’t conventionally good looking but she is happy with the relationship. Looking back on her life, she doesn’t regret that she was beautiful; however, she thinks that if she wasn’t so attractive, her life may have been much happier.

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