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Mom Claims Son's Christian School Is Asking To Inspect Girls' Underwear Prior To Homecoming Dance

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Teens at private school

School policies about dress codes and other requirements are becoming increasingly controversial as students, particularly female students, are beginning to speak out about how it feels to be targeted due to their clothing.

But one private school has taken its dress code a step too far, according to a mom on Reddit.

A mom claims her son's Christian private school asked to inspect girls' underwear.

“The school where my son attends wants to inspect every girl's underwear before homecoming…” the mom titled her post, which was shared to a Reddit group dedicated to venting about infuriating things in life.

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“My son goes to a Christian private school and I received a notice that before any girl can attend homecoming, they must have their dress and undergarments inspected,” she wrote.

The post continued with an outline of how the school would obtain the underwear, “They would need to send the dress in a bag, along with the underwear in a ziplock with the 'child's' name on it, to be inspected by the school.” 

Now, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. In 2002, an assistant principal outraged parents when she was caught lifting up skirts at a dance. 

“I’m not against thongs,” she told the San Diego Union-Tribune. “But when a girl wearing a thong and a short skirt bends over ... it exposes her bottom."

The assistant principal was never terminated due to her tenure. However, the school district did demote her to a teaching position. She was also reassigned to a different school.

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“This was to make sure that what they are going to wear wouldn't entice the boys,” the concerned mom continued in the Reddit post.

She also offered a question, “[So] are they implying that they're going to show off their underwear during [or] after the dance?”

There were many users in the comment section who had questions of their own as well.

One user asked, “Why would I just send them something for free when there are Japanese businessmen willing to pay hundreds of dollars for it?”

Another user asked, “Which pervert at the school convinced them this was a good idea?”

One user replied to their question in the comments with: “It's a Christian school.....so all of them....”

The mom wondered if she should seek legal advice.

Many folks who post on Reddit seek answers to questions they may not have access to. Legal advice is one of those luxuries only afforded to those who can pay the high fees to lawyers.

The mom continued the questions asking if the school was implying that "what they're wearing [will] make the boys unable to control themselves? Why not just send a picture of the dress and underwear?”

“Why does it even matter? Who the hell is the designated inspector of underwear at the school?” 

“This has never been done at the school before and this is now the new policy. Not sure if this is legal or not, but I find this an invasion of privacy and against human rights.” 

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