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Woman Wears Bikini To Disney World To Test Out 'Hack' And It Backfires Terribly

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Who knew that violating the dress code could earn you a free shirt from the happiest place on Earth? Or at least in some cases.

A woman who decided to put the theory to the test had a result that differed from viral videos shared last year.

TikTokers have been sharing a 'hack' for getting a free shirt at Disney World. 

In 2021, several women on TikTok claimed that showing up in clothes that violated Disney's dress code meant workers gave them a free shirt to cover up before entering the park

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According to the  Walt Disney World website, guests could be denied entry into any of the parks for dressing in “clothing which, by nature, [that] exposes excessive portions of the skin that may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment.” 

This includes bikinis, and some women documented their experiences breaking the dress code by wearing them to the parks. 

One woman shared that she entered the park violating the dress code and was able to obtain a $75 shirt from the gift shop for free. 



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However, other TikTok users weren't so successful.

A woman testing the hack ended up being turned away from Disney World.

In a TikTok video posted by @heleniofficial, Heleni wanted to test the hack for herself. 

In the video which has been viewed over 7 million times, Heleni depicts herself in a revealing bikini top as she enters Epcot park in Walt Disney World. 



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Before she even makes it past guest check-in, she is stopped by security over her outfit. 

However, Heleni’s plan backfired and she was not given a free shirt. 

She claims that the park “tried to force us to buy” a shirt and that she had debunked the hack. Refusing to spend the extra money, Heleni seems to have left the party still in her bikini.

Many TikTokers in the comments claimed that Disney World since stopped giving free shirts to guests who violated the dress code after they caught on to the hack. 

“They used to give one for free, but then everyone found out on TikTok and abused the system so they make you buy one now,” one user shared. 

“They used to give it away but then the ‘hack’ blew up so now they force you to buy one or leave,” another user pointed out. 

Heleni never confirmed if she was denied entry to the park or if she wound up buying a shirt to comply with the dress code. 

One thing is for certain though, and that is she, unfortunately, was not given free Disney merchandise as she anticipated. 

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