Woman Says When She Has Kids There's No Way She's Making Separate Meals — Actual Parents Think She's Wrong

Just wait until you have kids...

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“I’ll never let my kids do this or that,” a lot of people claim before they’ve even experienced parenthood. 

So many of us make promises that go completely out the window once we have children and they change our expectations. 

Parents on Twitter attempted to convey this message to one woman after she made a proclamation regarding her future children. 

The woman claims that when she has kids there’s ‘no way’ she’ll be making them separate meals at dinnertime. 

We all know children can be especially picky about their food during mealtimes, and not everyone is going to be happy when dinner comes around. 


Whether it be refusing to eat or demanding a different meal, dinnertime can be one of the most stressful parts of a parents’ day. 

One woman, however, shared that she will be refusing to accommodate any of her potentially picky future children during mealtimes. 

Teresa, a Twitter user who currently has no children, tweeted her plan to serve the same meal for her whole family despite any protests the children may engage in if they are not satisfied with the meal. 

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“When we are finally blessed with children, there is no way I’m making separate meals for everyone,” she shared. “Truly, outside of allergies, I don’t get this phenomenon with making separate meals for kids. Eat what the adults eat.” 


While Teresa appears to have it all figured out when it comes to her future children’s eating habits, other parents reminded her that it her plan was not that simple. 

Parents argued that getting children to eat is an especially difficult task. 

“I felt the same way... until I had kids and one of them was extremely picky. And then I found it isn't worth the fight EVERY SINGLE MEAL. It's easier to just make her a different meal,” one Twitter user shared. 

“I thought I would be like this too with my twins. One loves sushi, tikka masala, etc. The other is Cheerios and string cheese. No meat, poultry, fish, beans, tofu, eggs, fruit or veggies - we tried, but he gags. We do our best with smoothies. You get what you get,” another user pointed out. 

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Other Twitter users believed that forcing your children to eat meals they do not like was abusive. 

“Taste is subjective. You can't know what your food tastes like to someone else. Also? Tastebuds develop,” one user commented. “Making a kid sit there and 'eat that!' is abusive. Have a peanut butter sandwich then. Say yes more than you say no.” 


“Nobody would force an adult to eat food they don't like, & no adult would stand for being treated that way. I remember being made to eat food that made me gag. I don't do that to my kids,” another user wrote.

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However, other parents believed that enforcing the ‘everyone eats the same meal’ rule during dinner was a fair one. 

“I don’t know about this one I don't think is so bad. I have three kids and they eat what we eat, always have. Sometimes that means they don't eat a lot of what I've made...but it has worked out mostly! I do try to make kid friendlier fare when they are little,” one mother revealed. 

“Okay I’m not a parent and I’m not judging but my mom would give us what was for dinner and if we didn’t want it we could skip it but we didn’t get anything else. Is this frowned upon now?” another user wondered. 


“My mom made one family meal, and since I was old enough to chew, that's what I ate. If it had been allowed, I would have been a picky eater,” one user wrote, crediting their parents for the rule they enforced at the table.

“But now I will eat anything, and happily, because I love food, I trust that new foods can taste good, and I have a varied palate.” 

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Each to their own, but when it comes down to producing rules for your future children, never say never! 

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