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Man Refused To Let Kids Eat Dinner Their Mom Made & Made Sandwiches Instead But Says She's Wrong To Be Upset

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Cooking is something that you either love, or you just do to survive. People that enjoy cooking take a lot of pride in the recipes they create.

One man found out the hard way the critiquing his wife’s cooking was a recipe for disaster.

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His wife was furious when he stopped their kids from eating what she prepared.

He took to the subreddit, AITA (Am-I-The-A--hole) to ask readers if he was in the wrong in an argument that has divided him and his wife.

The 34-year-old explained that he and his 32-year-old wife have two children. He works as a manager at a home care facility while his wife runs a bakery with her mother.

The cooking duties typically fall on the man’s wife because she is a much better cook. She also handles household work like taking care of the kids and the home.

That usually works like a well-oiled machine but the day before the man shared his story, the couple had a heated discussion regarding meal preparation.

By the time he arrived home, dinner had been cooked. To be helpful, he decided to put the food onto plate to serve the family.

The man clarified that his kids like their food cut up so he thought he would take that tedious task off his wife’s to-do list for the day.

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When he noticed the meat looked undercooked, he had reservations about eating it.

As he was chopping the chicken, he noticed the center was still slightly pink, an indication that it had not been cooked thoroughly.

He brought the undercooked chicken to his wife’s attention, and she responded, “It’s a little pink but it’s fine.”

He rebutted, telling her that he was not allowing the children to eat the raw meat. But according to him, his protests went in one ear and out the other.

The Redditor shared, “I kept telling her it’s pink in the middle they shouldn’t eat that they can get food poisoning and that it’s dangerous for them.”

His wife, clearly emotional and sensitive about her cooking told him, “If you don’t want them eating it then you can cook their dinner.”

At that point, he decided to make the whole family, including his angry wife, toasted ham and cheese sandwiches. She didn’t eat hers.

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His wife seemed to take the decision personally.

Clearly in her feelings about the perceived slight, the poster said she told him that if he thought her cooking was horrible, she wouldn’t be speaking to him.

He once again tells readers that her cooking was not the problem, just the pink chicken. Now he wants to know if he was wrong for speaking up.

The best comment was upvoted almost 30,000 times. It asked a reasonable question and educated readers on safe food handling.

“Why didn't you just put the chicken back in the oven?” — it is a good question and a resolution that could have prevented the whole misunderstanding.

They also said, “You are the a—hole. Pink chicken is not dangerous if the internal temp was high enough. Also, instead of just saying 'Oh honey, I am worried the chicken is a little pink, can we cook it just a little more just to be safe?' you went all the way to 'I am not serving that to the kids' and made a new meal altogether.”

That person also added additional information later, stating, “Edit just for people that don't know how to cook: Chicken has to reach a temp of 165 degrees. It might still look pinkish but it's totally fine to eat.”

The Redditor gave out one more piece of important information before ending their commentary.

They shared, “The chances of getting salmonella from undercook chicken is pretty slim. The real risk is cross-contamination, not undercooking.”

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