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Toddler Sticks Up For Her Mom When Brothers Demand McDonald's Because She 'Hasn't Gotten Paid Yet'

Photo: TikTok
Faith Spinabifida TikTok

Part of growing up and being a child is not having to worry about or understand the things that adults have to deal with — things like money or preparing food.

That’s why this video of a young toddler behaving like an old soul shocked everyone after she displayed her understanding of the way money worked.

When her brothers asked to eat at McDonald’s, she told them to ‘starve on.’

An aunt under the TikTok account “@faith_spinabifida” recorded a video of her young niece, named Faith, defending her mother against her siblings, with the caption “It’s the attitude for me.”

After reaching 2.2 million views in just one day since being posted on January 16, 2023, thousands of people shared their shock at the toddler’s understanding of her mother’s finances.

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“Why do you want McDonald’s when she didn’t even get paid yet?” Faith asks her siblings, who then respond that they’re “starving.”

Another woman, maybe Faith’s mother or aunt, tells her to say “starve on” in response.

After thinking about it for a short moment, she agreed, and said “starve on that’s what you can do and that’s what you can do.”

Angry with Faith for telling them to “starve on,” one of the boys says “you starve on.”

Laughter from the women watching on in amazement and recording the video fills the room as Faith continues her brigade to defend her mother.

“Because my ma doesn’t have money yet,” she says.

During the entire conversation, Faith has a 7up in her lap, rises forward when issuing her arguments, dons Spiderman pajama pants and Sharpie on her arm, and places her hand on her face when listening back with resentment.

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People in the comments laughed along with the toddler’s antics.

“Whose mum is that?” one commenter wrote, joking that she sounds like a mom.

“It's the expression when she looks away. Like ‘Jesus Christ these people,’” another commenter wrote.

A third wrote, “The casual tin of 7up, laying in that chair like a woman with 60 plus years life experience. I love kids man.”

Many people posted the laughing crying emoji and shared how proud they were of Faith for having her “head on straight,” defending her mom against the boys.

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After receiving a ton of love on TikTok, they posted another video where they told Faith that she was famous online.

“I was already famous,” Faith claims, showing off her signature sass and attitude once again.

“No you weren’t, now you have 500 followers,” the aunt claims, to which Faith replies in exasperation while looking to her mom, “Is she for real? Is she actually for real?”

Continuing to goad her, her aunt asks “are you not excited that you have 500 followers?” — a number that has since increased to over 20,000.

Faith continues the act, putting her head in her hand but soon after saying “do you wanna do a TikTok?” with a smile on her face.

It seems like Faith is enjoying her newfound fame, and her family is glad that everyone is enjoying the videos.

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