Woman Explains Why She Said Nothing When Funeral Makeup Artist Mistook Her Husband For A Woman & Gave Him Full Glam

She wanted to make light of the situation.

TikTok woman shares about her husband's funeral TikTok

“He was buried beautiful… I’ll tell you that,” joked a woman on TikTok when she explained why she buried her husband in a full face of makeup. 

Losing a loved one can be incredibly tough, and funerals are even more difficult. 



What this woman shared on TikTok about her husband’s funeral was not the sadness she felt — but a different emotion entirely. 


When she arrived at the casket for her husband’s funeral — she was shocked. 

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During her husband’s funeral, she was shocked when she approached the casket and saw him in full glam. 

“They thought he was transgender, and they did his makeup like a woman — and I said nothing.” 

After a few days of grieving her husband, funeral arrangements were made for the family to gather together and celebrate his life. 

This woman’s TikTok shares the shock the family had when they arrived at the open casket and saw their almost unrecognizable family member. 


Almost lightheartedly now, this woman’s TikTok made light of the situation — saying she didn’t want to make a scene and only wanted the funeral to continue on as normal. 



In a follow-up TikTok she shares how they were privileged enough to have saved for the event of a funeral and she wanted to preserve that safe space to mourn him. 

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Although she was shocked by her husband’s funeral makeup, she chose to say nothing. 

“Everybody tried to keep me calm and cool and collected. I was not freaking out, but it was just so surreal,” she says about grieving her husband. 

She goes on to say the shock of losing a family member was far more difficult to manage than that of seeing full glam on her husband — “It had not hit me yet. I can’t even explain.”

“My husband was a jokester,” the woman shared, smiling. She believes that because of the way he lived his life on Earth, it only makes sense that something like this would happen at a celebration of his life. 

One commenter says, “True class, and I’m sorry for your loss. Not knowing him, I loved how you shared that he did have a sense of humor!” 


When nobody was around, she made some small changes to her husband’s funeral makeup. 

”I slipped the wig off,” she admits after denying it in the first video, “I smeared off some of the Carmex. I took the lashes off.” 

Other than those noticeable changes, she mentions how much she actually appreciated the makeup and the makeup artist — “it was a blessing.” 

“I can live with how he looked,” she mentions about his funeral because he looked ‘beautiful’ in a way that otherwise wouldn't have been possible after his death. 

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TikTok comments are divided — many say the woman should have confronted the artist at her husband’s funeral. 

“I’m sorry what?” one commenter questions. “You did not leave it like that.” 

Many of the comments simply apologize for the outrageous mistake — wondering how she was able to stay so calm whilst grieving.

“Did you sue?” another says. 

Many other comments appreciate her grace in the situation — sharing laughter with her family over a mistake that could’ve gone much differently. 

“You are someone I would love to know,” one comment shares, “Few people would be so accepting and centered. Bless you.” 

Active on TikTok, the woman continues to assure ignorant comments of her family’s acceptance of her husband’s funeral makeup. 

“IF no pictures included, I don’t want to hear this,” one commenter says. 


In a response video to the comment, the TikTok woman says, “I don’t want to come down on this person because of her question and how she worded it — there was a lot of people coming down on her for it in the comments.” 

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“Society has desensitized a lot of people,” she says about the toxicity of social media. “I put my story on her in part for the entertainment…and for healing.” 


She continues on to share how she wanted to make light of the situation and empathize with other people who have gone through similar experiences with their family member’s funerals. 

“He was a beautiful man. He would’ve had pleasure in laughing. He would’ve cracked up and done the same thing I did.” 

In an effort to preserve his memory and identity, she continues to post videos of the two of them on her TikTok and respond to all the kind messages sent her way. 

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