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'I Will Never Stop Blaming My Ex' — Grieving Dad Reveals Why His Daughter’s Death Still Haunts Him

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"It's her fault," a grieving father began his post to Reddit’s “r/TrueOffMyChest” thread in which he opened up about his daughter's death and the feelings he has towards his ex.

"People call it just an accident that could've happened to anyone but it wouldn't have happened if she was with me," he continued.

The man’s ex-girlfriend was sleeping while their daughter drowned in a swimming pool.

His 4-year-old daughter had been playing near a swimming pool when she was spending time with her mother.

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However, due to an unknown accident, she must have fallen in and drowned while his ex, Stacy, was sleeping.

The man explained, “My daughter was only four. Four. I had to bury my own daughter because her 'mother' was bitter and negligent.”

Even though the accident happened a long time ago, the man’s contempt for Stacy has not faded in the least.

“I would've moved heavens to protect her. It's been two years but I'll never forget. She's the reason I can't hold my daughter ever again. I wish her a very long and cruel life,” the man added.

His ex-girlfriend wanted full custody of their daughter.

His anger had heightened as Stacy had wanted to take care of their daughter all by herself and even kept the man and his daughter at a distance.

“She was the one who wanted full custody of my daughter. She was the one trying to use my decade-old addictions against me in court,” the man explained.

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Some people also tried to comfort the man while claiming it was an accident but he wasn’t ready to hear it.

“To the people saying it was an accident. An accident is spilling milk on the counter,” the man continued.

“Not letting your 4-year-old child play near a pool while you count f--king sheep instead of supervising her. This was negligence.”

Redditors sympathized with the man for his daughter’s loss.

One user wrote, “I am so sorry that your daughter died. I can’t imagine your pain. I hope you are able to see a counselor to help you work your way through your grief.”

Another user wrote, “I’m sorry for your loss and I wish I could make your pain go away but I can’t. Hold on to your memories of your daughter and Please don’t let your heart fill with hate for your ex because all it will do is destroy you!”

Some people understood the man’s anger for his ex and explained that they would also have felt the same.

“I’d be livid too. That's something I'd never be able to forgive,” one person commented.

Another person wrote, “This just sounds like an extremely unfortunate situation for everyone. I can definitely understand why you would wish her a horrible life. But my gut tells me she's already living one. She probably feels guilt every day of her life for this.”

"I'm a mother of a 3-year-old boy. I have physical and mental health issues yet no matter how tired I am, depressed, physically exhausted, I will NEVER let my son out of my sight. No excuse. Your feelings are valid," one person wrote.

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