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Bride Slammed For Refusing Fiance’s Request To Have 3 Empty Chairs At Wedding To Honor His Late-Relatives

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Empty Chairs

A man who wanted to pay a touching tribute to his late brother, his brother’s fiancee, and their unborn child at his wedding found himself locked in a feud with his fiance over the request.

The man’s fiancee, a 33-year-old woman, shared her story on the subreddit thread, “r/AmItheA–hole” (AITA), seeking the opinion of other users regarding the situation. Users had the choice to give her a “You’re the A–hole” (YTA) rating if they believed that she was wrong or a “You’re Not the A-hole” (YNTA) rating if they thought she was not. 

Her fiance wanted three empty chairs at the wedding to remember his relatives.

The man’s fiance denied his request, calling him “too emotional.” Now the man’s fiance is wondering if she is in the wrong. 

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The woman began her post by telling Redditors she was engaged to a 32-year-old man named Rick.

“He's a great guy but he tends to get overly emotional sometimes,” she shared. 

The woman wrote that Rick’s brother and his brother’s fiance died years ago before they got together. His brother’s fiance was pregnant at the time of her death.

“It was a huge tragedy within his family and Rick told me he still hurts for them sometimes, which I understand,” the woman wrote. 

For their upcoming wedding ceremony, Rick wants three empty chairs set up to memorialize his late family members.

However, the woman doesn’t agree. She shared that she would allow only one chair for Rick’s brother.

“I tried to explain that having 3 chairs, let alone one for an unborn child isn't going to look great,” she writes in the post. 

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The woman and Rick argued over this matter, and he called her “self-centered” to which she replied that she “compromised” for him. She then told him that he was “too emotional” and that life moves on.

“I don't want people to question him thinking he's still stuck up on something that happened years ago instead of moving forward,” she shared. 

The woman admitted that she had been “a bit harsh” but that Rick “needed to hear it” and that he became angry. 

The woman came under fire, with many Redditors declaring that she was in the wrong. 

“YTA, it's 3 chairs. He's not asking for a tribute during the ceremony. Put some flowers, a framed photo of each of them and some booties or a teddy bear on the empty chairs. They don't have to be just empty seats, it's a sentimental thing that's important to him. If he's important to you, you should be willing to let him have some chairs,” one user wrote. 

“Jesus Christ lady. What kind of monster would not let their husband do this? I like the idea of the bear and photo a lot. YTA big time. Probably the biggest one of the day. Literally hurts no one to put chairs out,” another user commented. 

Others criticized the woman for invalidating her fiance’s grief and emotions. 

“She literally says 'he's too emotional but life goes on.' What?! OP [original poster] is demonstrating so many red flags for a lack of empathy (not to mention a lack of concern to even try to understand or care).” 

Maybe one day the woman will get a reality check when her fiance decides that life does indeed move on when he leaves her. 

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