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Bride Slammed After Revealing Her Reason For Not Allowing Her Half-Brother To Attend Her Wedding

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A newly-wed woman asked the Internet if she was wrong to not invite her half-brother to her wedding and not tell him until one day before the ceremony.

The 26-year-old bride shared her dilemma on the infamous subreddit r/AmItheA--hole. On the subreddit, users can post their moral conflicts and allow others to judge who was in the wrong for themselves. Once the internet decides, the original poster is usually given a rating of “Not the A--hole” (NTA) or “You’re the A--hole” (YTA).

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The woman and her new husband both agreed to a “child-free” wedding, meaning no guests under 21. They did so because they find kids and teenagers “very annoying,” but also provided childcare to make the parents feel more comfortable.

Their plan has just one problem, she has two younger siblings. Her sister is 15, while her half-brother is 14. However, her half-brother is “the result” of an affair between her mother and another man, which led to her parents’ divorce.

They invited her sister, but not her half-brother.

“Me and my fiance decided to make an exception for my sister because we are both close with her and she's a very mature 15-year-old,” the woman wrote.

“My mom had figured neither were invited and that they would stay at the hotel for the day, she was fine with it since they were together."

However, when her mom found out that the 14-year-old boy was not invited, she was furious and told the bride she would have to break the news to him herself.

Instead of telling her brother their decision right away, they waited until the day before the ceremony to tell him. She justified her choice by claiming that she wanted to “avoid any major drama” in the weeks leading up to the wedding. 

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When they told him that he wasn’t invited, he was understandably angry. In her eyes, however, his reaction was just more justification for excluding him.

“When we told him he threw a fit, I said this is why he wasn't invited, and left,” the woman wrote.  “The wedding day went amazing.”

Following her honeymoon, her mother’s side of the family sent her many angry messages about the situation.

Readers overwhelmingly decided she was in the wrong.

Soon after the post was published, the comment section flooded with users voting YTA. Commenters believed that she is unfairly blaming her half-brother for her parents' divorce. They also criticized her for waiting so long and not standing by her choice.

“He wasn’t invited because you think it’s his fault your mom and dad got divorced,” one commenter said. “He’s allowed to be upset that his sibling disinvited him from her wedding but allowed the only other sibling to go. That’s nasty. YTA and you know it.”

“Not only did you alienate only one sibling, you left him completely in the dark intentionally because you couldn’t stand behind your actions,” another commenter said. “When he is an adult you will never hear from him again.”

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