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Bride Says She Uninvited Sister-In-Law From Wedding After She Ruined Her Dress While Having A Seizure

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bride uninvites sister-in-law from wedding

When a bride's dress was ruined by her sister-in-law, she decided to uninvite her to her wedding but now she's feeling somewhat guilty.

The bride took to Reddit’s famous AITA (Am I The A--hole?) subreddit to ask strangers' opinions, inviting them to vote on whether or not she overreacted.

The bride says her sister-in-law spilled something on her wedding dress while trying it on.

In her post, the bride explains that the dress is particularly sentimental because it is her mother's wedding dress.

"It is beautiful, custom made, and has a lot of small beading and details," she writes. So, needless to say, she was devastated when her mom told her that her brother's wife, Kate, had damaged it.

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Part of the problem is Kate and the bride have never really gotten along.

"She is really possessive of my mom, kind of competitive, and sometimes I think my mom likes her more than me," the woman writes.

Kate has epilepsy and ended up having a seizure while wearing the dress.

The seizure caused her to leave a stain on the dress, leaving the bride devastated. She emphasizes that she doesn't blame Kate for having a medical condition but still thinks it was reckless to be wearing the dress.

She wrote, “The seizures are pretty well under control, so I'm sure it was unexpected and scary, but I was confused about why she was wearing it.”

"My mom told me she told Kate to put it on so she could take pictures of her. I was grossed out and confused," the bride writes.

Given their history, this obviously struck a nerve as the bride felt that, once again, her mom was favoring Kate.

"My mom tried explaining that it was sentimental as it was her dress first, and she wanted to see Kate in it."

She wrote, “She [Kate] is really possessive of my mom, kind of competitive, and sometimes I think my mom likes her more than me.”

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While her mom felt bad and offered to pay whatever she can to clean the dress, the bride couldn’t let it go. 

She then decided that she didn’t want Kate at her wedding as she also didn’t like that Kate had worn the dress before her.

“My mom says I'm being unfair as it was her dress first. Kate called me ‘psycho’ and said it's ok because my mom told her to, and my brother is upset and thinks I'm being cruel because the seizure wasn't her fault," she wrote.

Redditors had mixed reactions to this situation.

While having a seizure is unfortunate, people still thought it was wrong of Kate to try the wedding dress.

One user wrote, “Trying on someone else's wedding dress is a big no, and she knew OP [original poster] was planning to wear it. Also, no one in their right mind brings a drink near a wedding dress before a wedding.”

However, many people also thought it was wrong for the bride to blame her mother as it is her wedding dress and she could do what she wants with it.

One person commented, “It’s your mom’s dress that she’s letting you wear. She has every right to allow someone else to try it on. You’re jealous of SIL and using this as a way to get back at her. You just look petty.”

Additionally, people also thought that since it was the mother's fault for letting Kate wear the dress, the bride didn't need to uninvite Kate from the wedding.

Another person commented, "Your mom is the one who put Kate in her dress. But you're blaming Kate? You've been looking for [a] reason to uninvite her, haven't you?"

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