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Woman Using Plastic Cover On Plane Seat & Blocking Another Passenger's TV Gets Mixed Reactions

Photo: Reddit / Gorodenkoff / Shutterstock
Plane passenger, seat cover

Air travel seems to bring out the worst in people, and passengers have to endure each other’s attitudes and actions

One man shared a photo of a passenger seated in front of his wife who seemed to lack social awareness and consideration of her fellow passengers. 

The passenger placed a seat cover over her seat that obscured the view of the man’s wife’s TV screen.

The man posted the photo to the subreddit, "r/mildlyinfuriating" which showed a flight he and his wife embarked on together.

His wife is seated behind a passenger who placed what appears to be a large black seat cover or a jacket hood over her seat. 

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As a result, the man’s wife’s TV screen on the seat in front of her is obscured by the seat cover. 

"I guess no entertainment for my wife on this flight," the man captioned his photo. 

Some Redditors expressed frustration that the passenger put a seat cover on.

"They didn't think about it, all they thought about was themself and their own personal comfort," one Redditor commented. 

"Yeah...that thing is getting flipped back over ASAP," another user wrote. 

"Advocate for yourselves. Nicely. Then not so nicely, if necessary," another user suggested. 

"It blows my mind how someone can do that while realizing they have a tv/touchscreen in front of them and not think about the TV that’s on the back of their own seat," another user commented. 

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However, others believed that the man or his wife should’ve said something to the passenger or politely asked her to remove the cover.

"Why do people always want to cause a scene? I'm sure she put her jacket on the seat without really realizing it would block the TV. All you have to do is kindly ask her to move it and she will," one user pointed out.

"Person there probably doesn't even realize that her hood is blocking a screen. Just politely ask if they can remove it so they can see the screen and likely they'll remove it and not think twice about it," another user recommended.

"Yep, this. And if they put it back call the flight attendant," another user wrote.

One flight attendant took to the subreddit to offer advice on what the man should have done in the scenario.

Step one: politely inform the passenger that their chair cover is covering up your tv screen and ask them to adjust it, the flight attendant wrote. If that does not work or they get an attitude, step two: ring the call button and politely explain the situation to a flight attendant who will then handle it."

"You'll have your screen available either after step one or step two. Source.....I am a flight attendant."

Hopefully the next time the man and his wife travel, they can turn to Reddit for solutions if they experience this again. 

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