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Woman Complains About Kid On Flight Who Drew On Her Socks After She Put Her Feet On Their Armrest

Photo: @juliaxxxv / TikTok
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When you’re traveling by plane, you are bound to run into some mishaps, whether it is your flight getting delayed, TSA sifting through your bag, or dealing with unruly passengers.

One woman shared her unusual experience with another fellow passenger while on a plane after she woke up from a nap.

The woman awoke to a child seated in front of her drawing on her white socks.

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 51,000 times, a woman named Julie (@juliaxxxv) recorded her experience on a flight.

Julie reveals that while she was on the plane, she dozed off and put her feet up on the edge of the armrest of the seat directly in front of her.

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At the time, she had removed her shoes and was only wearing a pair of white socks on her feet.

When she woke up, she discovered that her socks now had blue and purple ink scrawled across them.

“I woke up to some random kid drawing on my white socks,” she wrote in a textbox over the video.

A young child could be heard fussing in front of her.

Julie shakes her head as she investigates her socks.

“Bruhh ew,” she writes.

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However, many people believed Julie only had herself to blame.

Julie’s TikTok was shared to the subreddit, r/mildlyinfuriating, where many users believed she was at fault.

People blamed Julie herself that her socks were ruined since she put her feet on the child’s seat rest.

“Which action is more mildly infuriating? The person sticking their feet into the seat in front, or the kid drawing on their socks,” the Redditor who shared the video to the subreddit asks other users. 

“Get your feet off their seat then. Gross,” one user commented.

“Right on. It’s an armrest, not a footrest,” another user pointed out.

“Yeah in fact I myself have seen numerous Reddit posts by people taking pictures of intruding feet on an airplane, and the comments are always telling them to do something exactly like this!” another user commented.

“Totally agree. If the person didn’t put their feet there, then the child wouldn’t have drawn on their sock. Simple math?!??” another added.

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Others were more concerned over the fact that Julie removed her shoes during the flight.

“I don’t see the position of the foot as THAT big a deal. Looks like they are still in their own space. The real issue is taking off your f–king shoes,” one user expressed.

“In case all you people who take your shoes off on airplanes didn't know it, that plane is not your home,” another user pointed out.

Others found it harmless and funny that the child used Julie’s socks as a drawing canvas.

“I couldn't imagine even actually getting mad about it, waking up to someone touching your foot and being super creeped out to just realize its a kid drawing on you like you're just some cheap pad of paper to them,” one user wrote. “I would probably even gift them my sock.”

“Bless him. The kid is doing God’s work,” another added.

Hopefully next time Julie takes a flight, she thinks twice about taking her shoes off and propping her feet near the seat in front of her!

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