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Woman Keeps Putting Her Bare Feet On Another Passenger's Armrest During Flight — She Learns A Valuable Lesson

Photo: @wandertog/TikTok
woman looking into camera with mask - feet on her armrest

Flying is uncomfortable at the best of times but one woman shared a particularly horrifying experience involving another stranger's bare feet.

A TikToker by the name of Ixamar shared a video entitled “Tell me your weirdest flight story” and has any of the rest of our weird flight stories beat.

In her video, a fellow passenger had her bare feet on the airplane seat's armrest.

The video opens with Ixamar sitting in her seat with a black facemask on, eyes wide. The caption reads “This lady’s feet were on my armrest, occasionally poking me, so I gave her a little ice present.”

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Next, we see a pair of toes, painted red, jammed between the seats from behind, and resting comfortably on Ixamar’s armrest.

The video then shows Ixamar getting a piece of ice from her cup of Coke, which she shows to the camera while the narrator says, “It was tiny but mighty.”

She then places the ice cube just in front of the woman’s feet on the armrest while the narrator exclaims, “Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.”

Finally, Ixamar returns to the screen and the voiceover says, “It worked!”

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No word on how the woman reacted to the sudden presence of ice water between her toes but everyone could relate.

One person posted, “This happened to me, and I took a picture with flash, and she put them down immediately!” 

Another woman shared an alternate solution she had once heard about. She shared, “I saw someone pretend to sneeze and flick water on someone's armrest foot once. The foot person was horrified.”

In a hilarious comment, a lady explained, “Our last flight someone had their feet on my kid’s armrest, and he tickled her — was really glad I pack hand sanitizer.”

Another user suggested a more direct approach by writing, "I don't get why people don't just turn around and ask them to move their feet."

Still, others can’t believe the lack of consideration some people show on flights these days. One person mused, “Sometimes it still blows my mind how inconsiderate people are. Like you’re on an airplane and adults forget how to be adults.”

There was good reason for Ixamar to take offense. In a 2018 study, 90% of passengers found being barefoot on a flight to be bad etiquette, let alone putting your bare feet near other people.

But that doesn’t stop people from forcing their bad habits on others.

Being on an airplane for hours is uncomfortable. Things like crying kids, invasions of space and talkative neighbors make it even less desirable. Can we all agree to at least keep our feet to ourselves?

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