Woman Preparing To Move In With Her Boyfriend Of 8 Months Gets A Call From His Wife & Uncovers His Second Life

"Men continue to amaze me."

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Moving in with a significant other is a big decision, one not to be taken lightly. There are many issues to consider— whether you're ready to take that next step, and whether your living styles are compatible.

Sharing a home with a partner is often seen as taking the next step in a relationship, and taking the romantic relationship in a more serious direction.

But moving in together doesn’t always go as planned, as one woman in Kentucky discovered.


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A woman who was about to move in with her boyfriend of 8 months found out he has a second life.

Sarah was about to move in with her boyfriend of 8 months when she got a call from his wife. She made a POV TikTok describing the experience of discovering her boyfriend has another family, using the popular "put a finger down" trend on the app in which users detail a personal experience and ask viewers if they can relate — spoiler alert, you probably won't relate to this one.... we hope.




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“Put a finger down if you’ve been dating a guy for 8 months now, it’s pretty serious, so you’re about to move in together,” Sarah begins. “So, you get a U-Haul, you’re spending the morning packing it, getting it ready. And then you get a text from him, and he’s like, hey, can you call me soon?”

“So you give him a call, and his wife answers,” Sarah explained with an incredulous look on her face. Sarah went on to explain that her boyfriend’s wife, who she didn’t know existed, threatened her with an Emergency Protection Order.


“This is all news to you,” Sarah said. “Because you’re just packing to move in with your boyfriend.”

“I literally have never been more dumbfounded in my whole life,” she continued. “Men continue to amaze me.” Sarah made a second TikTok post, in which she answered questions from her followers about the incident. 



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In it, she explained that she and her boyfriend planned to rent an apartment in the town that he was contracted to work in, “so his family is even an hour away from that town.”

“I have never seen his hometown. Because of his job, he’s always traveling for work,” she details, explaining why she didn't know that he was disappearing with his second partner all the time.

Sarah responded to follower theories that her boyfriend paid someone to pretend to be his wife because he didn’t actually want to move in with her.

“It was his actual wife,” she explained. “I wish he would’ve just not wanted to move in with me. That would be easier for me to understand.”


As for how the other woman, if we can call his wife that, found out about Sarah, she's not exactly sure but she has a good idea that it may have come from her boyfriend's sister.

“I messaged his sister on Facebook, and I was like, hi, I’m about to move hours away from everyone I know, everything that’s familiar to me, in with your brother, that I’ve been dating for eight months.”

“She never responded, and then I get those texts and phone call an hour later, so I’m guessing that sister-in-law told wife, wife was like, what the f—, and then called me,” Sarah speculates.

She went on to say that she’d broken her lease and quit her job to make the move, and was now without work. Sarah gave a teary final update, in which she addressed her followers, saying, “I’m just not doing okay.”


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“My heart is broken. And everything I thought I knew, I was lied to about. It’s just a lot to process.”

Sarah’s followers took her update to heart, offering to send money to her Venmo account to help support her during her difficult time. With time, Sarah’s wounds will heal and she’ll move on, but for now, it’s valid for her to feel emotional, as the future she imagined for herself turned out to be a lie.


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