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Woman Accidentally Reveals Her Best Friend's Dad's 'Second Family' After 'Play Fighting' With Him

Photo: TikTok
Morgan Roos

A TikTok user’s video recounting an interaction she had with a childhood best friend’s family went viral recently on the app.

Morgan Roos (@morganroos96) posted a video sharing the story of her relationship with a close childhood friend and her family. When Roos was 16, she and her friend, who she called “Sarah” were inseparable, and Roos began to notice how little Sarah’s dad was around for his daughter.

The secret behind his absence came out when Roos made a joke that was a little too close to the truth.

In her TikTok video, she reveals that she uncovered her friend's dad has a second family.

Roos set the scene for the fallout by talking about her friend Sarah and how the two of them would almost always spend time together at Sarah’s house. Her parents had an “insane” home with lots of space, so it was a go-to hangout spot.

“For the time that we were friends,” Roos explained, “I had only met her dad twice.” Despite all the time the kids spent at Sarah’s house, and talking to Sarah’s mom, the dad was rarely around.

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For the sake of anonymity, Roos called the dad “Dan” and explained that she got along with him fairly well. She had seen him as “a cool dude” and had found a lot of fun in cracking jokes with him or even play-fighting with him.

Roos was much taller than Sarah’s dad and had found it funny to pretend to box with him or put him in a surprise headlock while he was relaxing. She had enjoyed getting a laugh out of him and one day asked why he was never around.

“Oh, well, you know, he has a job with, like, the government. I can’t say much more,” Sarah’s mom had explained. “Whenever the job calls, he just kind of gotta go… How else would we afford a house like this?”

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Roos had accepted that explanation, and didn’t think much of it beyond that. Later that year, however, the two friends were spending time together before Christmas, and Roos noticed that Sarah’s dad didn’t seem to be in town.

Sarah had explained that Dan had a last-minute call, and wouldn’t be home for the holidays, Christmas or New Year. Roos had felt bad for Sarah and had told her that she was sorry her dad wouldn’t be around, and Sarah had agreed that it was unfortunate, but there wasn’t anything to be done.

A month later, on Sarah’s sixteenth birthday, Sarah’s mom had set up a surprise party for her, and Roos was meant to bring Sarah to the event. Roos had been super excited for the party, and Sarah had enjoyed the surprise, as well as seeing all of her friends.

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However, her father was notably missing.

Confused, Roos had asked Sarah’s mother where Dan was, to which she said he had been called in for another meeting, and couldn’t make it. Roos was upset that he was missing his daughter’s sweet sixteen, but Sarah’s mom emphasized that it was his job, and he had to do what was asked of him. 

A month later, when Roos finally saw Dan again, after all of those missed holidays and celebrations, she wasn’t about to let him forget it.

“Yo, stranger danger, Mr. Worldwide,” she had called out to him and asked where he had been. Dan told her it was for business, but Roos hadn’t had enough of her teasing yet.

She fell back into their old habit of play-fighting, grabbed him in a fake chokehold, and began to tease him for his absence.

“What, you got another wife? A second family? Is that why you’re never here?”

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This time, however, Dan did not take the joke. He grabbed Roos’ arm and asked what she was talking about in a very serious, different tone of voice than he had used with her before. Roos had immediately backed off, assuring him that she was joking, and had run upstairs to join Sarah and try to figure out what had just happened. 

The two kids agreed that his reaction had been “mad sketchy”, and sure enough, two days later, Roos received a phone call from Sarah in the middle of the night.

Sarah had been distraught, crying, and had told Roos that it was true.

“I went through his phone and found everything,” Sarah explained to a baffled Roos. “He’s engaged to another woman.”

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The comments on Roos’ Tik Tok are in an uproar over the chaotic situation.

Several people are complimenting Roos on her obvious care for her friend, and concern that her dad wasn’t around to support her. Others are praising her instincts for figuring out the situation by accident.

One user wrote: “Man your intuition on that one. You knew what was up.”

Others are surprised by how close Roos and Dan seemed to be, with many asking why she was so comfortable play-fighting with the man she barely knew.

“I always thought it was funny,” Roos had explained with a shrugging emoji, and another user had shared a similar story: “My bff’s dad was also really short, and I’m 5’11, we would full on brawl. It’s a tall girl thing I guess” 

Every commenter can agree, Dan blew his own cover, and the situation must have been terrible for Sarah.

Commenters are now begging for a follow-up to the story, and asking what happened next in the lives of Sarah and Dan!

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