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Mother Captures Video Of Daughter Talking To Her Dead Grandmother

Photo: TikTok

After her daughter claimed that her dead grandmother visits her at night, one curious mother decided she needed to put a camera in her bedroom to see things for herself.

While kids don’t always say the most logical things, this mother found her daughter's words to be true.

The girl can be seen talking to her dead grandmother on TikTok.

The mother posted the video footage she captured on TikTok. The video shows her daughter in her bedroom at night, just sitting on her bed. While the audio isn’t clear, the girl can be heard talking to someone.



Contrary to some paranormal videos, this one is more realistic as there are no jump scares and it seems like the girl is having a normal conversation with her grandmother.

After watching the video, the mother also felt that something was different — she later added the caption, “The camera moves.”

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A few seconds into the video, she once again felt something strange and saw some movement by the wall by her daughter's bed. She added the caption, “Possible movement on the left.”

TikTokers had mixed reactions to this video.

Many people thought that the girl’s claims were true and believed that she was talking to her dead grandmother. They thought it was sweet that her grandmother is there for her even after she has passed away. 

Some people even claimed that they heard another voice in addition to the girl’s voice. 

One user wrote, “I can [hear] a woman talking to her a couple of times in the recording. I think I can hear her say ‘Is there something you can tell me?’”

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While there were many comments in favor of believing the mother's story, there were some negative reactions to the video — many people thought that the video was fake. 

Since there weren't any strong indications of the girl's grandmother being there, people thought that it could have been staged.

People mentioned that the girl could just be talking to herself.

One commented, "Kids talk to themselves all the time, I still do it."

The woman explained that the video wasn't fake.

Looking at the negative comments, the woman felt like she had to speak up, so she added another video where she talked about how the video wasn’t fake.



She explained that her daughter has often told her that she talks to her grandmother and has heard her talking to someone from her room.

She also addressed the many comments that mentioned that it was all staged.

She said, "Now wifi wise, there is no wifi that goes to those cameras so nobody can hack in my cameras and at 9:30, I shut down the wifi because I have a 14-year-old who will not go to sleep if the wifi is on."

She also mentioned that she blocked several people because they had been saying nasty things about her daughter and calling her a liar which she didn't appreciate.

She said, "My videos are for people to kind of see what we experience, what I experience in my investigations and what my daughter goes through. You can take it with a grain of salt."

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