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Woman Shows Off Her Simple Crop Top & Skirt Wedding Guest Outfit But Gets Accused Of Wearing 'Inappropriate' Undergarments

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A woman on TikTok is getting called out after sharing the seemingly innocuous outfit she wore to a wedding she was recently invited to.

Appropriate wedding attire has been an ongoing debate for as long as weddings have been around. Most of us are well aware of the unspoken rule not to wear white, but what else qualifies as off-limits? 

Many people believe that they have the answers, as they demonstrated in the comments section of a woman’s TikTok video after she showed off the outfit she would be wearing when attending her friend’s wedding. 

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The woman was slammed over her ‘inappropriate’ outfit choice that people argued was not suitable for a wedding. 

Olivia Burrows Sutherland of Melbourne, Australia is a popular bridal fashion influencer on TikTok and the co-founder of the highly successful e-commerce brand, My Glow 2. She is familiar with proper wedding attire and etiquette. However, some people did not believe so after the 29-year-old shared a video of herself modeling an outfit she planned to wear to a friend’s wedding. 

Olivia called on her 73,000 followers to help her settle on a top that would match her rust-colored tiered maxi skirt from Zimmerman. She was stuck between a black crop top and a cream-colored bandeau bra top.



She demonstrated what both outfits would look like to viewers, explaining what shoes she would be wearing depending on what she wound up wearing. Olivia claims that her original top was long-sleeved and “too much for a wedding” and that she wanted to dress lightly since the reception was outdoors in 98-degree heat. 

While many TikTok users flocked to the comments to share which option they preferred, some took the opportunity to reprimand Olivia for the “inappropriate” tops. “The skirt is gorgeous, but I don't think the tops are appropriate for a wedding,” one user commented. “The tops look like undergarments,” another user wrote. “The tops are not wedding okay but the skirt is great,” another user shared. 

Olivia revealed that the wedding was 'cocktail attire.' 

Olivia eventually settled on the cream-colored top with the skirt and posted a follow-up video from the wedding addressing the controversy her outfit choices stirred. “A controversial wedding guest look apparently,” she wrote. “I should mention it was cocktail attire.”

Cocktail attire is defined as not overly formal and encourages guests to be dressed a step above smart casual. 

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“I didn’t expect the outfit to be so controversial,” Olivia told news.com.au regarding the backlash. “But I do know when it comes to weddings and wedding guest attire, everyone has an opinion.”

She admits that she loves the overall balance of a summer look, and was happy with her outfit choice. “I understand that this is not a traditional wedding guest look, however, fashion has evolved, and two-piece sets have become popular options for guests to wear to events,” she said. She added that the bride, groom, and other guests at the wedding had no issue with the controversial outfit. 

Despite all of the drama that arose from Olivia’s video clips, she claims that she has received plenty of positive feedback and leaves her viewers with a key takeaway: “As long as you have good intentions and you feel comfortable within the environment you’re in, that’s all that matters.” 

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