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Passenger Says Flight Attendant 'Joked' About Throwing A Woman's Crying Baby Off The Plane

Photo: @nicskelly / TikTok

A woman has called out an airline after experiencing a series of awful events while on a recent flight.

In a TikTok video, Nicole criticized Frontier Airlines and their flight attendants after noticing how rude they were being to other flight passengers. She claimed that the entire debacle made her never want to fly with the airline "ever again."

She claimed that the flight attendants were being incredibly rude to other passengers.

Showing a photo of her boarding pass, Nicole explained that she and her family were supposed to fly back to their home in Philadelphia from Tampa, Florida.

However, when they checked the Frontier app the next day, Nicole and her family learned that the airline had kicked them off their original flight without even telling them, and the only reason they found out in the first place was by offhandedly checking the app.



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Nicole and her family were told to get on another flight leaving the next morning and were able to secure another night's stay at the resort they had been vacationing at, but unfortunately, the terrible experience with Frontier didn't end there.

As Nicole boarded her flight, she noticed that the flight attendants were being incredibly aggressive and mean to other passengers who were not white. "I have never seen a flight attendant treat people like this," she incredulously remarked.

She described an incident in which one of the flight attendants on the aircraft rudely reprimanded a man who had been watching a video on his phone without using headphones. Nicole recalled that the man had been sitting two rows behind her and that she couldn't even hear him listening to a video which meant that it wasn't being played that loud.

The man profusely apologized, but respectfully asked the flight attendant to approach him with a bit more respect since they had used an attitude to speak with him. In response, the flight attendant bluntly told him, "I don't know you, so I don't have to respect you."

Upon hearing that, Nicole said she and her cousin were flabbergasted that a flight attendant would speak to a passenger in that manner.

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Nicole overheard one of the flight attendants threatening to kick a woman's crying baby out of the plane window.

The rude interactions didn't stop there, according to Nicole. She said that the same flight attendant who had a problem with the man playing his video without headphones then started another argument with a mother of a crying baby.

Nicole claimed that during the flight, a baby sitting with their mother a few rows back was getting fussy and had been screaming and crying. "She goes over to a mother with a baby who's crying [and] makes a joke about opening the window and [throwing] the baby out the window."

The flight attendant didn't stop there and proceeded to offer a round of "free shots" to the passengers sitting in front of the screaming baby for having to deal with the noise. "She then goes back to the mom [and] says she needs to take the baby and keep him in the bathroom."

Nicole said the flight attendant told the mom to keep her baby in the bathroom because it was "completely unacceptable" for the infant to be crying, and she needed to tell her child that it "wasn't okay for him to be acting like that."

"She was guilting this mom over her crying baby," Nicole pointed out. 

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There needs to be more empathy for parents who are dealing with fussy babies in public.

Time and time again we hear stories of parents getting flustered because their children are throwing tantrums and crying while out in public. Parenting can be challenging, and when babies cry in public spaces, it can create discomfort and frustration for both the parents and those around them.

However, it is crucial to recognize the difficulties parents face and cultivate empathy and support for them in these situations. Feeling the eyes of strangers as parents are trying to calm down their children doesn't help the situation, and will only lead to them feeling more stressed out.

As a society, we need to have a deeper understanding of the complexities and demands parents face, promoting empathy and reducing stigmatization.

This shift in perspective can lead to more supportive policies, such as family-friendly accommodations and facilities in public spaces, making it easier for parents to navigate their daily routines.

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