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Woman Finds Out The Guy She Ghosted When She Was 19 Is Now Interviewing Her For A Job She 'Desperately Needs'

Photo: TikTok
Rylie Jouett

When it comes to dating in the 21st century, most of us have probably either ghosted someone we no longer like or have been on the receiving end of a ghosting.

Usually, after ghosting someone, you don't really think you'll ever see or speak to that person again, but one woman was in for a huge shock when she realized the guy she'd ghosted several years ago was now involved in her job hiring process.

A woman found out the guy she ghosted when she was 19 is now interviewing her for a job she 'desperately needs.'

In a TikTok video, content creator Rylie Jouett hilariously shared a karmic punishment in the form of a guy she had once ghosted when she was 19.

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"Karma is the nastiest b-tch I [have] ever met [because] six years ago when I was 19, I ghosted the nicest guy who had the best intentions for me," Jouett wrote in overlay text. "Tell me why he's the person that's interviewing me for a job that I desperately need."

The video, boasting over 7 million views, garnered enough of a reaction that Jouett, now 25, decided to make a follow-up, explaining the entire situation.

She explained that when the guy she had ghosted called to set up the interview for a barista position at a cafe, he recognized her number and immediately knew it was her.

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"He was like, 'Oh, that's really awkward,'" Jouett recalled, adding that he offered to have her hired at a different location since there was a "conflict of interest," which only furthered confused Jouett.

"I'm like, what? You can't even interview me because we kissed once, like, six years ago on a date? That's just so strange to me."

Jouett further added that she and the guy have been in long-term relationships, and should "be adults" about the entire situation.

In the end, though, Jouett managed to "schmooze" him into letting her come in for an interview at his location, where she was while filming her TikTok video. She continued, saying that she doesn't know if he'll be the one interviewing her, though.

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In a second part, Jouett revealed that she was ultimately 'offered' the job.

In a follow-up video, Jouett told viewers that the guy she ghosted did end up interviewing her for the barista position, where she was offered the job.

"He wants to set me up for an orientation next week," she shared, noting that while she's happy about the end result, she isn't sure if she'll accept since the location of the cafe is quite far from her house.



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Jouett also pointed out that her pay rate is significantly lower than the amount she had been expecting at $9 an hour with tips. While she clarified that the guy had been extremely respectful and professional during the entire ordeal, she notes more cons than pros for accepting the job.

"I'm thinking this one just might be an L, and that's okay. There will be better jobs," Jouett said. "I think I may try to finagle some arrangement with him where he lets me work at the other location closer to my house."

"It just makes more sense, and it can help both of us not have to navigate the awkwardness of the situation."

Jouett also acknowledged that she could've done a better job at communicating instead of ghosting, but pointed out that she has grown a considerable amount since being 19.

While some people may find ghosting to be an extreme way of rejecting someone, a study of 1,300 people found that around a quarter of participants had been ghosted by a partner. One-fifth of the participants admitted that they had ghosted someone.

Vinita Mehta, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and relationship expert based in Washington, D.C., explained that "very often people ghost because they want to avoid having a confrontation and hurting the ghostee's feelings."

So beware, the chances of ghosting someone, only for them to end up being your boss, are higher than you may think!

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