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Woman Walks Out Of Date Without Saying Goodbye Because The Man Wouldn't Pay $3 Extra For Cheese

Photo: TikTok
Woman walks out on date over $3 cheese TikTok

The ‘ick’ is a universal concept at this point that was brought on by social media in order for people to explain the reason their dates or the potential partners they’ve seen never made the cut, but one woman’s ick seems to be too much to ask for.

After walking out during one of her dinner dates, Dafna Diamant took to TikTok to explain what had happened and why she walked out. However, a majority of the 6.7 million people that viewed the TikTok were not on her side.

She walked out on her date because he refused to pay $3 extra for cheese.

“Guys I just got back from a Hinge date — why am I doing this to myself?!” She interjects, clearly distraught with the events that had just transpired. 

“So we schedule to go to dinner, [and] we are sitting at the restaurant. [He] seems very nice — not a catfish. Things are going well, and the waitress comes over. She wants to take our order.”

This, is where everything seems to go wrong for Dafna.

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She decides to order the branzino, which, simply put, is a European Bass fish. According to the comments, Branzino seems to be part of a fancy meal commonly seen in Italian cuisines.

“He said ‘I’m gonna take the burger,’ and the waitress asked him ‘okay, how do you like your burger?’” she continues. Nothing wrong so far, but the issue arises once he has explained all of this to the waitress and he gets asked a question about a certain topping on his burger.

“Do you want some cheese on your burger?” the waitress asked him, according to Dafna. He then asked the waitress if the cheese would be extra, to which she replies that yes, the cheese would be $3 extra.

He replies saying, “nevermind,” and Dafna, not in the moment but to the people watching on TikTok, goes “what in the actual f--k.” She explains that she would eat her branzino and “see what happens,” but then he’s like “oh my God, you have to pay extra for everything these days.”

“I’m like yeah, it’s New York City,” she says. The rest of the date seems to go normally as they both eat their individual meals, but once she was satisfied, it was time for her to go. She got up, claiming that she would be going to the restroom, but instead says that she paid for the entire meal herself and walked out of the restaurant.

“So I texted him, ‘the check is taken care of, you should have gotten the cheese,’ and I blocked him.”

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The internet was not on her side for walking out on him over $3 cheese.

“This is crazy to me. He didn’t complain about the branzino, he simply didn’t feel like paying extra for cheese on his burger,” one user commented, as another wrote “I wouldnt pay $3 for cheese either lol.”

One user claimed that we needed to find justice for “cheese man,” since really, he did nothing wrong except refuse an overpriced topping of cheese. Thankfully, a man claiming to be “cheese man” rose to the occasion to explain that he wasn’t really pressed about the situation — defending the burger that he took home and ate another day.



“To be fair, I had the intention of paying $21 for this burger,” Zakir, the man who claims to be “cheese man” said in his video. “So adding $3 for cheese was not f--king worth it, but thank you for paying for dinner. Bye bye, ta ta.”

His video received 7.1 million views, and many people in the comments were on his side, just as everyone had been on her video.

They claimed he had simply been financially responsible and said he dodged a bullet. There’s no way, of course, we’re able to verify that Zakir was the one that truly went on the date with Dafna, but it’s fun to believe that this little banter happened on such a wide scale.

The real crime here is charging $21 dollars for a burger.

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