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Woman Drops To One Knee & Proposes To Her Boyfriend — He Accuses Her Of Taking Away His Manhood

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woman proposes to man

There is a new trend emerging in the world of romance, engagements, and proposals.

Women are deciding not to wait for men to ask for their hand in marriage and instead, are dropping to one knee and asking their boyfriends to spend the rest of their lives with them.

A TikTok account called Honey & Bull shared one such story where a woman decided to propose to her man.

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Honey & Bull documented a boyfriend's reaction to his girlfriend proposing — and it didn't go well.

That video opens with Honey standing in the foyer, lined with red rose petals candles, and a few long-stem roses.

She into the camera anxiously and says, “I’m so nervous,” before turning back toward the door and awaiting Bull’s arrival.

Eventually Bull appears, rose in hand, and clad in a “Tristan Thompson’ sleeveless gray t-shift, grinning from ear to ear.

Honey drops to one knee and says, “Will you marry me?” as Bull covers his mouth and steps back in surprise.

The very first commenter noticed the his attire and posted, “The Tristan Thompson shirt” followed by a skull and bone emoji.

This was presumably because it alluded to the train wreck of a relationship between the NBA player and Khloe Kardashian.

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The TikTok video was just a snippet, Honey & Bull have a YouTube channel where they shared the full video.

That video depicts the couple frolicking together on a beach as romantic music plays in the background.

Then Honey comes onscreen and says that she is about to play a prank on Bull. She clarifies that they are not married at this time.

The YouTuber explains that she and her boyfriend have more important things to focus on at this time in their lives and that marriage is secondary.

She spends a lengthy amount of time convincing viewers that she doesn’t care about marriage and that it is not a before claiming they will eventually wed.

Honey says she came up with the prank idea while at the market where she found some roses.

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She decided to propose to Bull when he comes home and set the scene with roses, candles, champagne, and a slinky black dress with heels. She even has a red ring box.

When Bull walks through the door, he is noticeably surprised and keeps saying, “What is this?”

Honey presents him with the rose and tells him, “It’s taking you so long so it’s best that I be the one to propose,” before dropping to the ground on one knee.

She turns the red ring box to him and opens it up. Bull then begins to insist that she “get up right now”.

He starts to question her about the whole situation asking, “What do you mean it’s been too long? Where did you get this from?” as he gestures toward the ring in the box.

He then says, “I’m supposed to propose to you. Why would you do all of this? Are you serious right now?”

Bulls goes on to say, “What kind of man gets proposed to from his girl? How am I going to tell my homies? Like, guys, I’m married. My girl proposed to me.”

Honey shoots back, “I did all this for you and that’s your reaction?” Both of them look around at the scene she had set.”

He tells her, “You look beautiful, and I love you, but I’m supposed to propose to you. You are not supposed to propose to me.”

It’s unclear whether she is really upset or is pretending to be, but she starts blowing out candles and tries to walk away as Bull tries to stop her.

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The couple continues to bicker and she is either a good actress or genuinely upset because he didn’t accept her proposal.

Honey tells him that she thought he would simply say ‘yes’ without hesitation before finally telling him that the whole situation is a prank.

In the end, she still questions why he would tell her no and he explains that her proposing him would “take away his manhood”.

They ask viewers to give their opinions of whether or not it is okay for a woman to propose to a man.

The feedback was mixed, but one person made a valid point. They commented, “[Your girlfriend] proposing to you is taking your manhood away? What an outrageous and controverted assertion.”

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