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Woman Creates 'Exit Survey' & Sends It To Guys Who Keep Ghosting Her

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Stephanie D'Agostini

Being ghosted by someone you like can sometimes be a devasting blow to a person's self-esteem and pride.

However, one woman has come up with a genius way to receive closure from the men who randomly decide to stop talking to her.

In a TikTok video, comedian Stephanie D'Agostini put together a hilarious array of questions to send to men who have left her without saying a word.

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D'Agostini created an 'exit survey' to send to guys who keep ghosting her.

In D'Agostini's video, which has boasted over 180,000 views, she explained the concept of an "exit strategy," which was formed after she had been recently ghosted by a guy.

"So, I recently got ghosted by a guy who I didn't even like, which was obviously devastating," D'Agostini explained.

It didn't take long for D'Agostini to come up with a solution in the form of a questionnaire with a list of questions to send to the guy for him to fill out.



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"I emailed him this ghosting exit survey to fill out," she continued, adding that if any viewers wanted to use the same format, they were free to use her same questions.

For the first question, D'Agostini asked: "Please provide a one to two-sentence example of why you did it."

"I just thought it would be nice to give some examples off the top of my head, like you were intimidated by my beauty, you hate yourself, you’re broken, I’m too good for you. Like whatever comes to mind,” she described, reading off examples that would be acceptable answers.

The second question asked: "Please circle if I am more cute, hot, sexy, or pretty."

D'Agostini quickly clarified the inquiry, encouraging the men who receive the survey that as "a rule, you have to circle all four."

"Please explain why you did not write in 'smart' for that last question, you misogynist," the third question read.

For the fourth and last question, D'Agostini asked the men to list "the names, emails, and phone numbers of at least two of your exes and your birth mother."

While an unconventional request, the comedian simply wanted the information so she'd be able to "start a group chat" with everyone.

As a bonus inquiry, D'Agostini asked recipients of the survey to graciously select a form of compensation for ghosting and ultimately wasting her time.

"So you could opt for something simple, like sending me your passwords for various streaming services and your social security number,” she offered.

D'Agostini also had other options, adding: “Buy my mom a condo in Florida. With a pool, don’t skip out.”

“And last but certainly not least, making me your muse and dedicating your life to winning me back,” she concluded.

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Commenters praised D'Agostini for the idea of a 'ghosting survey.'

D'Agostini's hilarious "exit strategy" gained hundreds of comments from fellow TikTok users, who applauded the idea and even asked if they could receive their own PDF copy to send out to people who have ghosted them as well.

"I'm all about the compensation for wasting my time," one user wrote.

Another user questioned if D'Agostini received any replies from the survey, to which she jokingly replied: "Randomly not yet ... can't imagine why."

"Why does this look like something I would do?" a third user chimed in.

A fourth user shared that they'd also adopted the same idea, adding, "I made a Google survey and sent it to them all, and it brings me so much joy."

If you're in a similar boat, it might be helpful to get to know the five main reasons men ghost romantic partners but overall it helps to know that if you are ghosted, something or someone better is coming for you!

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