A Woman Who Vacationed With A Man She’d Been Dating For 3 Months Gets Confronted By His Pregnant Girlfriend At The Airport

The two had even bonded over not being ready to have kids, only for her to learn he had been lying to her the entire time.

Madeline Jaye TikTok

A woman's worst nightmare unfolded after finding out that the man she'd been seeing for several months had lied about his entire identity.

Posting videos about the ordeal to her TikTok page, 22-year-old Madeline Jaye thought she had finally found "the one" after meeting a man on Tinder. Three months after their first date, the two were going strong and decided to go on a vacation together.

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However, upon returning back home after their trip, Jaye was shocked to find out that the man she had spent the last three months dating, wasn't who he said he was.

Jaye found out the man she had been seeing for the last three months had a secret family.

After receiving an influx of comments and questions about how Jaye had ended up in a relationship with a man who already had a girlfriend and an entire family he kept hidden from her, she decided to make several videos about what had happened.


In the first part, Jaye explained that she had met a man named Jason on Tinder in December 2022. He claimed that he was 32 and didn't have any children of his own, which Jaye asked him to confirm during their first time meeting up for a date.

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"He said he didn't want kids for at least five years," Jaye recalled. After being on their date for a few hours, she learned that he loved to travel, and was a landlord so he had the freedom to move around as much as he pleased.


When she asked why he was 32 and not yet married or with any children, Jason told her that he doesn't have time for anything since he puts all of his energy into running his business. The two of them even bonded over not being ready to have children yet.

"It sounded too good to be true, and that's because it was," Jaye said, describing their relationship as having moved really quickly. 

Jaye shared that, looking back, there were a few red flags early on, especially when Jason refused to text her or talk on the phone with her, which she brushed off as him being busy. Jaye also clarified that she didn't mind it since she was also busy with school.

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The two of them decided to go on a week-long vacation to Spain together.

After three months of dating, Jaye asked him if he would like to go on vacation with her. He agreed, and the two of them flew to Spain for a week, where Jaye said she had a perfect time.

However, once the two landed back in the U.K. after their vacation, Jaye was shocked to learn that her boyfriend had a girlfriend who was heavily pregnant.

She was confronted by his girlfriend, who claimed to be two weeks shy of giving birth.

"When we landed [in East Midlands Airport], this girl walked up to him and said, ‘I’m his girlfriend, I’m giving birth in two weeks’,” Jaye said. “The mum and dad come over, they’re shoving [a] camera in his face, they’re shouting at me.”



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As soon as Jaye and her boyfriend passed through the arrival gate, his heavily pregnant girlfriend and her parents immediately confronted him. Flabbergasted at the scene unfolding in front of her, Jaye said that she immediately went "into shock" and fled the airport, leaving Jason behind.

"I literally went into shock. I’ve never felt anything like it,” she admitted. “I was not expecting it in the slightest. I was there thinking we were going to get married, and this is the guy for me, and all of a sudden he’s got this different life behind my back.”

His pregnant girlfriend ended up finding Jaye's viral TikTok.

After leaving the airport following the confrontation between Jason's pregnant girlfriend and him, Jaye uploaded her initial TikTok about the entire incident, which led to Jason's pregnant girlfriend reaching out after seeing it.



She told Jaye that she and Jason had been together for four years, and he would lie and say that he was going on vacations with his friends when in reality, he was seeing Jaye and multiple other women.


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Jason had told his girlfriend that he had met Jaye on Tinder but that she "was a lesbian" and the two were not in any kind of relationship. 


"From speaking to his girlfriend, I found out he lied about his last name, and he also lied about his age. He was not 32, he was 37," Jaye continued. She also found out that Jason had an adult child that he hasn't seen since the child was born.

Since this messy ordeal, Jaye has now deleted Tinder for good and has issued a warning to other women to always trust their instincts when it comes to meeting people on dating apps.

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