Man Claims His Date With A Single Mom Led To Her Slashing His Tires After He Refused To Buy Food For Her Kids

He's now sworn off dating for the foreseeable future.

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When it comes to first-date horror stories, we've definitely either heard some or experienced them firsthand. In the age of online dating and meeting people on apps, there never seems to be a shortage of people swearing up and down that they are never dating again.

However, one man may have taken the cake on having the worst first date ever that ended with him seriously reconsidering if he may be subjected to single life indefinitely.


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A single mom slashed her date's tires after he refused to buy food for her kids.

In a post shared on NewsBreak, contributor Brianna B. recalled a story she had heard from her friend's co-worker about one of the worst dates he had ever been on.

After not having dated anyone for a year, Lance decided that he was ready to put himself back out there. At a Halloween party, he met a woman named Amelia. While their first interaction didn't end up being anything special when he ran into her a couple of months later at a grocery store, the two began talking, and their conversation ended with Lance asking Amelia out, to which she agreed.


A few days after making plans for their date, Amelia sent Lance a text that she may not be able to make it since the babysitter she hired for her kids had canceled. "Lance sympathized with her and told her he hoped she would still be able to make it, but if not, he understood."

However, things seemed to smooth out for Amelia, and on the morning of their date, she let him know that her kids would be taken care of, leaving her free to see him after all. With their date back on, Lance drove to Amelia's house that night and picked her up, noting that as she walked to his car, her three kids waved goodbye from inside the house.

"The couple arrived at the steakhouse where Lance had made reservations at. They ordered a couple of appetizers and a bottle of wine."

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While on their date, Lance noticed that Amelia's phone kept going off.

While thirty minutes into their date, Amelia's phone wouldn't stop ringing. When Lance asked her if everything was okay back home, she told him that her kids wouldn't stop calling her.

She told him that her three children were hungry, and she promised them that while she was on her date, she'd bring them back some food. Lance promptly inquired if the babysitter left in charge of them couldn't cook something.

Amelia confessed that she didn't actually have a babysitter, and instead, left her 11-year-old in charge of her six and three-year-old.

"Lance didn't know what to think. He was excited to be out on a date with Amelia, but he was concerned that her children were left alone."


This is when the date began to take a weird turn. Amelia asked Lance if he would be able to buy a few extra steaks for her to take home to her children. Of course, he was taken aback by the request, especially since he hadn't budgeted for having to buy food for three extra people while on the date.

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When he refused to buy food for her kids, Amelia snapped.

When he told her so, a reasonable excuse as well, Amelia didn't appreciate it at all. She proceeded to call Lance "broke" and a "joke," for taking her out when she didn't have enough money. 

As soon as Lance rebutted that she was an "irresponsible mother" for going on a date and not thinking about her children not having anything to eat, she grew even angrier and stormed out of the restaurant to call an Uber and go back home.


With Amelia gone, Lance thought the storm had passed. He finished his meal, paid, and walked back to his car. Only when he arrived at his vehicle, he noticed that all his tires had been slashed.

It didn't take him long to connect the dots and figure out that Amelia must've done it while waiting for her Uber to arrive. "He furiously texted Amelia asking why she would stoop so low by messing with his car."

She responded that she hadn't done such a thing, but that if his tires were slashed, then he deserved it after the way he spoke to her and refused to buy a meal for her kids. In the end, she told him to never contact her again.


Safe to say, Lance quickly realized he was probably better off single.

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